When shopping for a shirt, most men often overlook the design of the cuffs which can indicate how formal the shirt is. From casual barrel cuffs to the classic round cuff, it all lies in the little details and each one has it's own uniqueness. Our guide will help you get familiar with the essential shirt component so you're ready to put together a stylish look no matter what the dress code.

One Button Barrel Cuff

The one button barrel cuff is a standard cuff that's widely used across formal and casual shirts. However, it is seen as a more casual option. One button cuffs are shorter in length and feature a simple button closure. Style tip: Featuring a striped pattern, this shirt from Allen Solly can be worn to work with a pair of well-tailored trousers. Like this article? Also read: Starter Pack: Stylish Shirts To Get You Through The Week

Long One Button Barrel Cuff

It's a slightly longer version of the one button barrel cuff. It's perfect for men with longer arms and helps to balance out your look.
Style tip: This shirt from Jack & Hones features a subtle mint green colour and can be paired with your favourite pair of blue jeans.

Classic Rounded Cuff

A variation of the barrel cuff, rounded cuffs are a popular pick. They feature a curved edge and can be worn to a formal or casual occasion too.
Style tip: This red and white slim fit shirt can be paired with slim-fit trousers for a smart look.

Mitered Cuff

The mitered cuff is a type of barrel cuff that is angled at 45 degrees at the corners and offers a sharp appearance. It is considered dressy and as an appropriate pick for an evening look or any occasion.
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