They say dressing down is an art and we couldn't agree more. Have you ever read any advice on art? It’s about stripping away the non-essentials. While it may be tempting to pull a (Michelangelo's) David and let the boys get their fifteen minutes of fame, remember - this is home, not Rome (or Florence, you get the point). Besides, when you’ve got the basics right, covering up is more fun and a lot sexier. Here is a list of lounge wear basics you should keep in mind-

Getting Started

You may be heavily inspired by He-Man and want to roam about in your underwear at home, but unless you have a cat that transforms into a lion, you’ve got to cover up. Make cotton tees paired with pyjamas or shorts your daily do. You can add on a knitted pullover if it’s chilly and you’re set for a blissful day of doing nothing.

Basic Hygiene

Natural fabrics in soothing, earthy tones of brown, grey, blue, and minimalistic white are classics. Loungewear is all about keeping it soft and breathable so drop crotch pants are a must have if you like the concept of space around your privates, and let’s face it, who doesn’t?

Appropriate Sanskar

Boxers are a man’s best friend. But they are NOT shorts. Underwear is not loungewear, and it is definitely not something you should wear outdoors.
You know that uncle in the neighbourhood who roams around in a kaccha and baniyan? Yeah, don’t be him. If you have to step out of the house (or in case of company at home), you’ve got to pull on some pants. When running minor errands, upgrade those cotton pyjamas for a pair of smart joggers. Throw on a cardigan over your tee to keep things relaxed and easy. In the end, whether you’re living out your lazy, billionaire fantasy in your man cave or buying groceries from your local bhajiwala, dressing for the occasion is the mark of a real man.