The cool weather might be long gone but your beard doesn’t have to disappear with it. Beards are no longer a seasonal style. A man can make a statement with a full-grown beard even during the hot summer months, if you groom it right. Here are some tips to maintain a healthy summer beard. Also Read: The 10 Colour Trends For Summer 2018

Keep It Clean

Beards provide some protection from the sun’s direct UV rays hitting you face. However, the hot and humid weather causes sweat build-up, which could lead to bacteria and microbes to thrive. Make it a habit to wash out your beard several times a day. You can use a sulphate-free cleanser to make sure your face doesn’t dry out.

Keep It Moisturised

Like your skin, the summer sun can damage your beard too. It is important to keep it hydrated by following a moisturising routine. Use a beard oil or conditioner to combat dryness, reduce any itchiness, tame the frizz and soften the beard.

Keep It Tangle-Free

The humidity and heat can mess with your hair and leave you with awkward tangles and puffy parts. The solution is the age-old remedy of using a brush to detangle your mane. Run the brush through your beard several times a day, more than you would during the winter season.

Give It A Trim

However, despite your best efforts to maintain the beard, if you still get cornered by a nasty itch or an unmanageable situation, don’t hesitate to give it a quick snip. Trimming it by an inch or two will tame the beast without having to give it up completely. Also Read: These Kitchen Appliances Are as Good Looking as They Are Useful

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