Celebrity make-up artist and fashion unicorn, Sonam Chandana knows a thing or two about making an arrival. We asked her to dish out some pro advice on how to look your best and make people forget about your tardiness. Here's her twopence. Sonam Chandana If you are going to be late at your next meeting/ date you might as well make an memorable entrance. Though there is no denying that a winged liner takes that little extra effort, there are various ways to still look well put together in no time. What to keep in mind? Skin

Skin Skin Skin!

Start with using your favourite pink matte lipstick to create a stain on the apple of your cheeks, blending it outward towards your ears. Follow with foundation and concealer as usual. Finish with translucent powder to seal.  This step combines concealing and blush in the step , definitely a quick start to effortless skin. eye make up

The Perfect Flutter

This is a hit formula for almost any eye shape in the world for quick definition which defines them without looking too done for the day. Take a matte only brown to darker brown eye shadow on your finger and press it really close to your lash line. Blend it upward but stay far from the eyebrows. Drop liner for a change and go in with a lash curler and your favourite volumising mascara. If your eyes are deep set, go in with a nude/white pencil on the water line to keep them sparkling and vivid. Once you feel you have gotten better at this, try darker browns and maybe even black matte eye-shadow to amp up the drama. nude lipstick

The Mesmerising Pucker

Start with dabbing a lip balm with your fingers and dab away any extra with a tissue paper to keep lips moisturised yet not greasy in appearance. Go  in with dabbing a mix of a nude and a red lipstick. Now this might sound off for a day look, but if you can find your perfect mix of nude and red, you have you favourite nude-pink in the making. This is one of the most effective ways to give you a natural looking pout without being a tedious job. Images courtesy Shutterstock.com; Sonam's picture courtesy Manasi Sawant/Facebook