A competitor once chided that Mac computers aren't "washed with unicorn tears", but we're starting to think that maybe they are. These are well-built, feature-laden computers that have earned the reputation they hold today. Most Mac consumers swear by the user experience, and thanks to Apple's new releases, including operating systems, software and hardware, they are more powerful now. Here’s why we think using a Mac positively impacts your work and productivity to give you that ultimate 10/10 experience.

Great Design & Built Quality

From the MacBook Air to the Mac Pro, they all have cutting-edge design. The sandblasted exterior also gives a certain high-end laptop feel to it. But MacBooks have more than just a pretty face. Every MacBook is built from a unibody aluminium chassis, with no inconsistent gaps or joints that cause unwanted creaks or torques. The aluminium also makes for a lightweight and strong body. Apple has not compromised on quality to reduce cost, a factor that makes the Mac product quality one of the best. Also Read: These Laptops Get a 10/10 for Style

Better Integrated Software & Hardware

Apple itself develops the MacBooks (hardware) and the Mac OS (software) as well. This integration of hardware and software by Apple gives you a system that knows exactly how to pair the two well, thus delivering smooth results.

Spectacular Display

The Retina displays of the MacBook Pros are breath-taking. Both the MacBook Pro 13 and 15 pack in nearly two million more pixels than a standard Full HD television display. This generates superbly crisp clarity with text and lines appearing sharper. It’s one of the best displays that eliminates any colour inversions or loss of contrast and has an extremely reduced glare, which is why most designers use the MacBook. Also Read: 10/10 Ethnic Sandals To Get Your Festive Style Game On Point

Easy Back Up & Device Connectivity

The tedious task of backing up your data to a physical hard disk is no longer necessary, with Apple’s Time Machine technology, you can easily hook up your drive and turn Time Machine on and leave it to do the rest. Apple also has the iCloud feature that keeps your Apple devices, like your MacBook, iPad, iPhone etc. in sync so that you can easily share information between them without physically having to connect them to each other. Moreover, shopping for a Mac is quite hassle-free. With limited models to choose from, which makes the task easier, you know you’ll get the right value for money investing in it. Also Read: 5 Hilarious Indian Books That Will Leave You Howling with Laughter So, go ahead and take your pick from the MacBooks below.

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