The new MacBook Pro really impressed us this time, thanks to the addition of the unique Touch Bar feature. You can’t miss this touch-sensitive strip that sits right above the keyboard. Its function is to deliver handy visual controls and time-saving shortcuts, tailored to the current task at hand. This game-changing feature lets you interact with the MacBook like never before. If you’re not already putting it to good use, here are some apps you should check out.

Adobe Photoshop CC

A lot of designers who use a MacBook will be delighted with the Tocuh Bar as it supports Adobe Photoshop CC. Now you can access controls and features of the app in the context of the current task on your screen. For instance, things that you’d usually use your mouse click for, like changing brightness of an image or colour balance can now be done by sliding along the Touch Bar. Download 

Spark Email

Using Spark on a Touch Bar-enabled MacBook Pro lets you use your email features like ‘reply’, ‘forward’, ‘mark as read/unread’ quickly, just by tapping on it. The app also includes Touch Bar shortcuts, snoozing, natural language search, unified inbox, seamless settings sync across devices and other productivity-focused perks. People who live by their inbox will find this app particularly helpful. Download Also Read: The 5 Most Basic Things to Do to Protect Your Email from Being Hacked

Better Touch Tool

Better Touch Tool has been a widely-used tool on the Mac in general, as it allows users to customise every aspect of their device. And now that this app also supports the Touch Bar - you can use it to create all sorts of custom Touch Bar buttons and assign them whatever functionality you want to. You can create buttons to run particular scripts or quickly launch websites etc. Download

djay Pro

It's already a popular Touch Bar app, because it was first demoed at the Apple event that displayed the working of the Touch Bar. It's is great for people who like making and mixing music. You can use it to do a bunch of things like scratch through a track, add cool effects like filters, gates, echo and a lot more. Even if you’re not a DJ, you can use this app to have some fun with your music. Download Also Read: The Bag Style You Need To Own This A/W


Talking about fun, you can download the PacBar app for your Touch Bar to keep you entertained when you’re bored. This app is much like playing the classic arcade game, Pac-Man, where you can control Pac-Man’s navigation with the basic control key (up, down, left, right). This game  is limited to the horizontal display of the Touch Bar and may not be the most productive thing to do but it sure as hell is a fun app to keep around. Download Also Read: Calcutta Houses: The Instagram Project Archiving Heritage Buildings Discover these amazing apps on a MacBook Pro you can shop from below.

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