Everyone already knows that once you buy a Mac, you can count on it to pull through for years. The longevity of this machine is one of its biggest selling points. Over time, you may have to upgrade it in several ways to keep up with technology but the point is there’s always a hope to squeeze in a little more life in your old Mac. However, when the Mac comes to a certain age, there will be a lot more upgrades needed and the cost required to repair or maintain this old but still-working machine will increase too. In a such case buying a new Mac makes more sense. So, let’s consider a few factors about your Mac to help you decide whether you can just upgrade to solve its problems or replace it altogether.

When you’re constantly running out of space

It’s nerve wrecking to see a 'Your computer is running out of space' message every other day. You can easily fix this problem by adding more storage to your Mac. There are several ways to do so, like using external drives or even putting a card reader to good use. Backing up your device externally will help make some more space. If you’ve already tried these ways, consider replacing your drive with something of a larger capacity like a 1TB SSD. However, if your Mac is over five years old, with outdated hardware, dead pixels and other lags, it wouldn’t seem wise to buy an expensive 1TB SSD. Just move on to a new machine and make sure you choose bigger storage next time. Also Read: How You Are Completely Wrecking Your Laptop

When your battery isn’t as good as before

Every rechargeable notebook battery loses its capacity to charge over time. When you charge your battery to a full charge and then deplete it completely, it counts as one charge. A MacBook battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 1,000 complete charge cycles, claims Apple. To check your battery’s current number of cycles, click on the Apple menu > About This Mac and select System Report. Then scroll down to Power and you’ll be able to see the record. If your battery is on its last cycles, consider replacing it as batteries aren’t too expensive. If the battery losing its charge quickly is the only issue you’re facing, buying a new battery will give it a new life but don’t expect any additional benefits to its performance. MacBooks

When you can’t update to the latest OS

Whenever Apple releases a new macOS, they revise the minimum system requirements of the machine. If the system requirement is too, your machines won’t get the new update. Currently the new macOS High Sierra is said to be compatible with the following machines: MacBook Pro: 2010 or later MacBook Air: 2010 or later Mac Pro: 2010 or later MacBook: Late 2009 or later iMac: Late 2009 or later Mac Mini: 2010 or later If you have a non-compatible machine, you can still continue to run the old macOS but it may become a problem if you want to use an app that needs the new release. You will also miss out on the latest features of the new OS like using your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac and a few security updates. Also Read: Ask Me How: To Find The Best Kids’ Sweaters For Winter

When your hardware begins to slow you down

Systems older than five years can’t handle a bunch of high-end needs of our times, such as handling full HD videos, 4K videos, proxy editing and even photo editing when your images are too big. Upgrading your RAM can make things a little better but that’s a limited fix too, depending on the age of your Mac.

When it begins to crumble

Several components of your Mac can begin to fall apart over time. When the power adapter starts to flicker you can replace the cable. When there’s a broken key, you’ll probably need to change the whole keyboard. If the track pad gets botchy, the whole mainboard might need to be replaced. There are other things that could crumble- such as your card reader, speakers or display, and fixing them one by one will just end up increasing your repair bills. If you have a long list of small problems, don’t spend money fixing them, just replace your old Mac machine with a new one that will give you better performance and longer life. Also Read: 7 Times Our Favourite Artistes Collaborated with Orchestras to Create Magic So, which way will you go with your Mac, an upgrade or a replacement? If you’re looking for some latest MacBooks to upgrade to, here are a few to pick from.

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