After two months of summer vacation, schools have finally opened. And while your little one struggles to cope with that 7 am alarm, it is going to be a struggle for you too, trying to prep their lunch boxes before the alarm even goes off. We know that sometimes this leaves you with lesser than 15 minutes to get packed. And while this may seem like an impossible feat, all you need is the right recipe and gear to super parent your way through their lunch box ordeal. Here are some lunch box recipes to get you started.

Ragi Millet Idli

idly Introduce wholesome grains like ragi and millets to your kid’s diet. Leave the batter to ferment the night before and wake up to make this delicious meal. You don’t even need to borrow your mother idli maker; you can make this easy recipe in a rice cooker in 10 minutes. Read recipe here Like this article? Also read: Hostel Diaries: 5 Super Simple Recipes You Can Make Using Only a Kettle Ask Me How: Wear Ruffles Without Looking Like A Catholic School Girl 5 Reasons to Support the Government’s Proposed Food Portion Fix


upma You can use the rice cooker also to make upma. Add the sautéed ingredients and leave it to cook. Unlike the traditional cooking method, this doesn’t require you to keep stirring and shovelling upma from the spatula every 2 minutes. Just turn up the heat and let it cook while you get other chores off your list. Read recipe here

Chicken Tikka

chicken tikka Set aside a day for a dose of protein in their diet. Marinade a spicy, herby mix of chicken tikka and cook it in an air fryer. Cooking in an air fryer requires very little oil. It also cooks much faster and retains the texture and flavour of the chicken. Use this gadget to cook healthy and juicy chicken tikka within 15 minutes. Read recipe here

Masala Toast Sandwich

sandwich Pack in some local flavours of Bombay, sandwiched in a tiffin box. This popular Mumbai street food can be made at home with a healthy addition of brown bread. Gather all veggies and chutneys and fill it in the sandwich to toast it up in lesser than 10 minutes. You can make the filling the night before to save on more time or better yet, use leftover food from last night’s meal to make a quick sandwich. Read recipe here

Microwave egg

egg When in an absolute rush, this protein filled egg can be your go-to recipe. All you need to do is beat an egg into a cup. Add a few veggies or meat as you please and microwave it for two minutes. This will save you the cleaning and effort you’d use while cooking this egg on a pan. Serve it with two slices of bread, and you’ll have a healthy and filling meal ready in no time. Read recipe here Cover Image and Images Courtesy:

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