In India at least, Crocs have become everyone’s go-to shoes during the monsoons (as well as the summer and winter, judging by the number of Clogs and Flips we're seeing everywhere). Internationally, they’ve been seen on the feet of a US president (George W Bush), a First Lady (the stylish Michelle Obama) and a prince (adorable Prince George). Interestingly though, the first Crocs were intended to be sold as boating shoes. All 200 of the ‘Beach’ shoes, Crocs’ first model sold out after launch; and their iconic ‘Classic Clogs’ sold in the hundreds of millions – 300 million to be exact.

What's New

The popularity of the shoes probably has a lot to do with the proprietary Croslite™ foam used (FYI, Crocs bought over the manufacturer, Foam Creations, to be able to produce the foam exclusively). A closed cell resin, it takes the shape of the wearer’s foot and purportedly provides medical benefits. Taking things up a notch this year, Crocs has developed and introduced a new, improved foam resin it calls LiteRide™. Its USP? LiteRide™ is the newest innovation in the world of Crocs comfort. This revolutionary closed cell material is even lighter than Croslite™ foam, delivering a mix of support and sink-in softness underfoot. LiteRide™ foam is 40 percent softer and 25 percent lighter than Classic Croslite™ foam. Like this article? Also read: Ask Me How: To Take Care Of White Sneakers This Summer

Athleisure Mode

Now that athleisure is a firm trend, what with athletic clothing such as joggers finding a spot in daily wardrobes, Crocs has designed its LiteRide™collection to seamlessly fit in as well. The new LiteRide™ clogs and slip-ons are highly functional have been designed so they can be worn for warm-ups, cool-downs or even hectic errands around town. The new Crocs LiteRide™ shoes will be available on Tata CLiQ from March 1, 2018. Like this article? Also read: Here Are 5 Gadgets That Will Survive Your Holi Party

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