As the days in quarantine increase, you may be running out of things to do at home, even if you’re working all day. So, we’ve come up with some ideas to help you get through the other side of self-isolation. Whether you’re quarantined alone or with your family, this list will keep you from staring at the wall.

1. Make dalgona coffee. It’s trending right now and here’s a recipe for you.

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2. Play board games with family. Or, download Ludo, UNO or Scrabble to play virtually with friends.

3. Take challenges on Instagram. There are many doing the rounds on fitness, cooking and self-love.

4. Learn to cook or bake, or try that recipe that you bookmarked eons ago.

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5. Rearrange your closet. Now is the time to clean out your wardrobes for things you don’t need and make a box for donations.

6. Rearrange your bookshelf according to genre, author name or titles.

7. Read that book you’ve bought and kept aside for lack of time.

8. Finally, watch the Oscar-winning movie you always wanted. Our recommendation: Parasite (it’s available on Amazon Prime now).

9. Start an online course. There are many options to do this through, Coursera, Udemy and even YouTube tutorials.

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10. Write letters to your friends and family (that you can post after-Coronavirus).

11. Start a gratitude journal and remind yourself of three things you’re thankful for each day.

12. Start blogging. Write a poem, write short stories, or simply make a page on Instagram for your photographs.

13. Join a Facebook group that gives you prompts for writing and get active there.

14. Focus on your fitness goals.

15. Bring those colouring books or sketchbooks out and get artsy.

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16. Listen to podcasts or Ted Talks and keep your mind engaged.

17. Do a TV show or movie marathon with your friends on Zoom call or Netflix Party. Don’t forget to make a tub of popcorn.

18. Play dumb charades with your friends on Zoom or Whatsapp video call.

19. Plan a holiday for next year (without booking anything).

20. Learn to make cocktails online and celebrate Happy Hours with your family.

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21. Play Name-Place-Animal-Thing with your friends online, or with family at home.

22. Give your skin some pampering. Homemade face masks, pedicures, nail art or simply start a simple, daily skincare routine. Now that we’re washing our hands so much, use lots of hand cream to keep your palms soft and hydrated.

23. Do a photoshoot with your pet.

24. Help someone in need. Feed a stray dog, get groceries for your elderly neighbours or financially help someone who’s falling short on money in these difficult times.

25. Practice your music. Whether you’re a guitarist or a drummer or a singer, now you have time to follow your passion.

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26. Tend to your garden or plant something at home.

27. Give your house a thorough cleaning. Use this time to declutter and clean every room, every drawer and every corner.

28. Learn to do origami.

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29. Flip through the pages of an old photo album. Turn it into a family project and organise them.

30. Reconnect with an old friend or relative. Check up on someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

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