Who thinks the best time to travel is during the monsoon, say aye! Because we do too, when else would you be able to explore nature at its rawest best? If you’ve been planning a trip like this, wait no more, the long weekend is almost here. Pack up your bags and off you go, but wait let’s talk about packing your dependables first. And who better to tell you about your tech needs than a seasoned traveller himself. Abhinav Chandel has been travelling for a few years now. And during his time on the road, he has learnt a thing or two about the gadgets you carry around. Here’s his take on travel dependables you need for a long weekend. Abhinav Chandel Living a travelling life, I need to have gadgets which help me get work done on the go, but should also be robust enough to not die on me in any scenario.
Dell Inspiron 3158 I have a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series laptop with an SSD drive to ensure I can easily work while travelling in the interiors, where roads and conditions aren't friendly.
Power Bank
PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank I carry a robust enough power bank so that it can survive accidental falls.
Travel-friendly watch
timex expidition I have an expedition watch with night glow and I've been trekking with it for the past two years in the harshest of conditions and it's tough enough to survive it all.
Weather-proof DSLR
Nikon D7200 DSLR Camera Being a photographer, I've invested in a weather-sealed camera, especially since I travel a lot around monsoon season, I have a Nikon D7200.
Point-and-shoot camera
GoPro HERO 4 And at times when I ditch my DSLR, I use a GoPro 4 silver and a Canon Powershot, both of which are great lightweight cameras for travel. Plus they’re quite good. Also Read: 7 Compact Travel Cameras under ₹20,000 Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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