“Whaddup everyone, it’s your girl, Superwoman!” said an Indo-Canadian girl in a YouTube video in 2010. Skip to 2016, and Superwoman AKA Lilly Singh is now an Internet star. And a cultural phenomenon. Look at the numbers: Her YouTube channel’s got one billion views and 7.7 million subscribers. She’s been invited on Jimmy Fallon’s chat show, been featured in Google’s 2015 retrospective and is on Elle Canada’s very cool March 2016 cover. As a fellow fan, I know how addictive her comedy is–we all keep going back for more. But read between the lines of her jokes and comical clichés for some life hacks that will hold you in good stead. Here are five life lessons I’ve stumbled upon while watching Superwoman over the last few years.
How you look at your problems makes a difference
So you slipped and fell in public; you can choose to rise up with grace and a big smile instead of cry. It’s a euphemism for all of life’s problems; it boils down to how you choose to deal with them. Superwoman talks about the everyday BS we encounter—arguments with people, bad tests et al. And yet, have you noticed that you end up laughing through all of her videos? Look at the funny side of the story, loosen up and relax, and then go deal with your issues with a calmer state of mind.
Talking about your problems is a good thing
Bottling up about things that are getting you down and overthinking an issue it is hardly a good option, but talking about it is. A friend—or a diary or even a YouTube video—is what you need (like this video by Lilly Sigh). Hear her b**** about what could be described as the worst day ever, and yet laugh about it. When you’re done ranting, you’ll feel a lot better too. Watch and learn.
I used to be sad back in 2010 and then started making videos because I thought that if I could make other people laugh through them then I could make myself laugh too. Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman
You are not alone
Have you watched Superwoman’s videos and realised that you have the same clichéd problems as her? So have I. You can try and be better at things, but sometimes you just can’t change the way you are. And it’s okay! Lilly Singh is proof that it’s possible to be a winner, even though we know how silly she can get and how her parents think she’s absolutely “good for nothing”.
Don’t go around fitting people in boxes
Superwoman has a whole series of videos filed under ‘types of people’. They’re funny, but they’re also real. She talks about types of parents, exes, siblings, crushes, enemies; the list goes on. The lesson learnt here is that you can’t expect the same things from people, everyone is different. Your current boyfriend may not be a charming gentleman like your previous one, but he is funny and badass. Open your mind to new experiences and do not linger over expectations.
Real success is measured by how happy you are
When Singh started off, little did she know that YouTubing would become a career or that she would be an Internet star someday. During her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Singh talks about how she used to be ‘sad’ back in 2010, before she made YouTube videos. She says she made them because she thought that if she could make other people laugh, then she could make herself laugh too. Now, she admitted to Fallon, she’s “genuinely happy”.


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