One of the key battles in the smartphone industry has been to expand screen real estate without increasing the smartphone size. A notable way this has been approached in recent times is to include two screens on the phone. While different brands have tried their hands at it in many ways, we’re still seeing newer innovations in the area every day. The latest entrant is the LG Wing, a phone reportedly in development with a swiveling screen mechanism to achieve the dual-screen goal.

LG ‘Wing’

First, do take the report with a hint of skepticism as LG has neither confirmed nor denied the reports. However, the brand has already shown its expertise in dual screens with the LG G8X so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Wing turns out to be a real device. The image reveals primary screen that swivels into a horizontal orientation to reveal a smaller, secondary screen beneath it. Reportedly, the main display will be 6.8-inch alongside the smaller 4-inch screen with a 1:1 aspect ratio.

According to reports, the secondary screen will mostly be used for contextual information and controls. For example, going through the comments on a YouTube video while the video plays on the primary screen, or editing a photo on the primary screen with all the tools in the secondary display, and so on.

LG’s plans

This wouldn’t be the first LG phones with a swiveling design, with the LB1500 and the LU1400 being notable examples from more than a decade ago. Instead of a secondary screen, those phones usually revealed a T9 keyboard or nothing at all. As we mentioned earier, the G8X has been their most recent commercial launch in the area.

The Wing is reportedly planned to launch in the second half of 2020 and reported to be priced around the USD 800 mark. The same reports also indicate that the device might come with a 7-series Snapdragon processor, 5G support and a triple camera setup. If it launches, this will be a great device to get your hands on.

Image Courtesy: LG, Shutterstock, ETNews