After launching the ambitious modular smartphone, the LG G5, last year, LG is back, back again with the LG G6 this year. One of the showstoppers at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this one is special for a number of reasons—right from its 79% screen-to-body ratio and 18:9 Full Vision display to its uber smart design. In short, it’s said to be a game changer for LG in terms of audio and display. Now, although it can’t be said as yet if this one will break the groove for LG phones, it sure has got people at the phone show talking. If this one’s generated immense interest in you, make sure you cut out the noise and get acquainted with this handset.

A Camera for Shutterbugs

lg Sure, people have been raving about the phone’s 18:9 display, but we’d like to lay strong emphasis on its 13 MP dual Sony cameras on the back and its efficient front camera. The phone’s rear camera’s wide-angle 125-degree field of view makes it perfect for landscape photos. Even the front-facing camera is capable of similar wide-angle 100-degree field of view shots.

When Design and Looks Matter

lg The quality that probably strikes first is the fact that the G6 has done away with the short-lived modular G-series; while still retaining key features like a centred fingerprint scanner. But on the whole, the G6 has changed more than it has retained. Another feature that really is remarkable is the unique 18:9 display ratio. This aspect ratio is a game changer and will allow more viewing space than ever before. Even the body of the handset has transitioned from metal to a combination of glass-and-metal. Adopting design elements that users are seeing in phones from HTC, Samsung, and Honor, it feels like LG is going to compete with strength this year. In terms of colour, it isn’t offering too many options, except titan (silver), white and black.

Specs, Specs, Specs

lg g6 cover When it comes to specifications, this one’s not really path breaking but definitely 2017 flagship standards. It comes with a Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB RAM, and 32GB storage. But the focus is on the stunning 5.7-inch FullVision display. Thanks to thinner bezels, the LG G6 is smaller than most 5.5-inch phones, measuring 148.9mm x 71.9 mm.

Matters of Sound

lg The LG G6, it is being said, will deliver an applaud-worthy sound quality. This one comes with a Hi-Fi Quad DAC. However, the feature will be limited to Korea alone. The justification LG offers for the limited access is that the feature was less requested outside Korea and other markets. Tsk.

Battery Game

lg The 3300 mAh non-removable battery is neither bad nor too great. a good battery life is one of the key flagship features the brand has decided to offer with this one. Wait till time busts or justifies this one. The G6 can be charged wirelessly too, however this feature is limited to US markets only. Getting real tired of your limited market sh*t, LG.

Software is Where it Beats

The LG G6 will run on Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, with the latest version of LG’s UI. The updated UI gives it a refreshing new look. Another outstanding feature is the Google Assistant, making it the first non-Pixel device to fully support the Assistant. So there you have it. We can't wait to use the LG G6, it's definitely going to be one of the frontrunners for best smartphones this year. If you're planning to buy a new phone in 2017, give the LG G6 some serious thought. It won't disappoint.