It’s that time of the week again, the one dreaded day when you run out of clothes and will have to give in and call out ‘laundry day’. But before you begin your routine chore, let’s first tell you how the professionals do it. Disha Kelshikar, Ex-Housekeeping Manager at Marriot, Goa, has spent a good few hours regulating the laundry at her day job. She gets chatty with us on the dependables you’ll need to get pro at it yourself.
Front load washing machines
Bosch WAT24468IN 8KG Front Loading Washing Machine Because any reputed professional always relies on the front load machines to get the dingiest of dirt.
A dryer
IFB MaxiDry 550 5.5 Kg Dryer Because ain’t nobody got time to let clothes hang on for days in this damp weather. 3
Chemical washers
detergent Hotels use a number of chemical based products for different kinds of clothes, but a good washing detergent and a stain removal and whitening agent should be handy enough for laundry day at home. Also Read: Don’t Buy Another Outfit Till You Master These Laundry Hacks
Steam iron
iron Hotels rely of various irons for their hotel laundry, but a sturdy stream iron is good enough for those crisp shirts.
Laundry folder
laundry folder Remember Sheldon Cooper’s handy laundry folder. You’ll be surprised how useful it can be.
clothes hanger A good set of hangers, whether the regular ones or the clipped ones, both go a long way in keeping those freshly ironed clothes sharp looking. Find more Washing Machines here. Cover Image Courtesy:; Images via,

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