What is that one latest tech device that'll make Christmas come early? Maybe it's a soon-to-be-launched phone or a kickstarter invention that looks so goddamn appealing that you’d sell your first-born if it’s as good as it sounds. We asked tech influencers about what latest tech makes it to their wishlist this year and here’s what they had to say.   CES  internet of things - tech that excite us This year I’m especially looking for IoT (Internet of Things) which has been steadily growing across 2015 and now we have a range of connected home products. The year 2016 is likely to see mainstreaming and wider acceptance of connected things and smart cities. In the same vein, smart TVs will finally come into their own. Home automation/healthcare etc, Livestreaming apps and Automatic/Battery powered vehicles along with hyperloop transportation.   CESteslasuit - tech that excite us2016 has blasted its way in and it will be an even bigger year for tech. While there will be plenty of launches across categories, the ones that already give me the tingles are the upcoming iPhone 7, new range of Macbook Pros, Saygus V Squared smartphone and 8K TV units. However that’s not all of the latest tech, this year will see a swarm of drones in every price range and that both excites me and concerns me. Finally, the one thing I want to get my hands on is the Teslasuit. Game on. CEShololens - tech that excite us  The industry has been talking a lot about virtual reality and augmented reality over the last few years. I believe that Microsoft's HoloLens is a game changer. Though commercial deployment is still some time away, it is a perfect example of augmented reality which will make a huge impact in day-to-day life. HoloLens create holographic projections that can be overlaid on a table, wall or ceiling. This latest tech concept challenges the boundaries of both virtual and real world. CESlight camera - tech that excite us  It has to be the Light L16 which promises crazy optics in a compact form factor. 16 lenses in a single body with a final resolution of up to 52 megapixels. Plus it has 4K video recording, depth-mapping technology to adjust depth of field and focus, integrated GPS, accelerometer, Wi-Fi, HDR capture, and a dual-tone LED flash. Overkill? Who cares, I want it. CESdrones - tech that excite us I have this love for drones. I was not into any remote car or helicopter device during my childhood days, but when I grew up, this drone thing attracted me. Perhaps I'll look forward to a Semi-professional Drone + a GoPro camera? 😉 What are you looking forward to this year? Let us know in the comments below! Also Read: Follow These 10 Techies on Instagram for a Feed Full of Digital Awesomeness Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock