If you’re among the latecomers to jump on the Valentine’s Day celebration, there’s still some hope to make a grand(ish) gesture of love, without having to rely on red roses and hallmark cards. Here are some last minute date ideas to turn this day into a date to remember.
Trek out
Get away from the lights and sound of the city and retreat to nature. There’s something about trailing through the woods together and having just each other to rely on that makes this trek date special. Pick a route close to your city and you’ll be there in no time. Spend the night stargazing or having your own private party with a Bluetooth speaker. Don’t forget to carry your trekking essentials, especially your power bank.
Movie night
When you’re too late to go to the movies, bring the movies to you. With Netflix and other video streaming apps that play on your smart TV, you can enjoy a whole evening of movies at home. Just remember to have your movie night gadgets and the popcorn maker ready.
Dinner date
Dinner at that restaurant that everyone’s been talking about is going to be a mix of waiting in line, bearing the crowd and then being rushed out because everybody wants a bite at the IT place in town. Instead, bring out your romantic side and recreate the same dinner for your SO at home. It may be amateur but it’s a grand gesture alright! Have your handy kitchen gear at your hand and the nearest pizza place number too, just in case.
Dinner date
Spend the night singing cheesy love songs, high-pitched rock tracks and everything in between at home. All you need is a Karaoke device and you both are good to go for the night.
Get gaming
For those gaming duos that make it together as couples too, there couldn’t be a perfect date than game night. Or maybe there could, when you mix game night with costume night. Think dressing as Princess Leia and Han Solo while gaming to Star Wars on the gaming console. #NerdLove

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