Laptops aren’t just functional gadgets, they are also a lifestyle statement. People want powerful performers but also good-looking devices that match their style. Keeping such factors in mind, manufacturers are updating the traditional laptop with modern aesthetics. Apart from looks, they’re also creating gadgets with superior features that are radically changing the computing experience for the better. These laptops have gained popularity and have set a trend for all the new launches to come. If you’re looking for a latest update, pick from these laptop trends that will be around for a long time now.

Bezel-Less Laptops

Slim bezels aren’t just for smartphones, laptops have caught up with this trend too. It all began with the new Dell XPS 13 that boasted of a super thin bezel, slim body and metallic exterior. CES 2018 saw the launch of a few more laptops that adopted this premium-looking design. Also Read: Slim Bezel and Infinity Display, Here’s The Newest Laptop Trend

Slim Laptops

Laptops are shedding the extra flab. The ideal laptop in 2018 is thinner and lighter, which invariably makes them sexier. No more bulky devices that fill out your bag and hands. Slim laptops like the HP Spectre 13, Lenovo Ideapad 320S etc. are setting new design goals but are also getting faster. They are as much about performance as they are about portability. Also Read: 8 Slim Laptops That Are a Perfect Combination of Performance And Portability

2-In-1 Hybrid Laptops

These are convertibles that can change from laptop to tablet mode as you desire to use it. A 2-in-1 laptop like the Lenovo Yoga series or the HP Envy  is designed to offer the user touchscreen capabilities of a tablet and the traditional keyboard and trackpad functions of a laptop, as the need arises.  So, why have just one kind, when you can have the best of both worlds. Also Read: Why 2-In-1 Laptops Are the Hottest Back-to-School Tech to Own Right Now

Superior Gaming Laptops

Even with all the Xboxes and PS4s, desktop gaming still has its own charm and many takers. Keeping such things in mind, laptop gaming has come a long way from regular laptops being updated with higher GPU and RAM to a time where manufacturers are making superior machines dedicated to gaming only. If you’re a serious gamer, you’ll enjoy playing the latest games at the highest settings on gaming laptops like the MSI series.

HDR-Enabled Laptops

The new range of HDR-enabled laptops are a visual delight. With the High Dynamic Range imaging, all visuals on HDR laptops like the Lenovo X1 Carbon seem more real like. If you enjoy watching movies on your laptop, this feature will give your movies more definition and make them look closer to reality. If you like playing games on your laptop, this feature will give it more depth and you’ll be able to see minute details better too. Also Read: Ask Me How: To Find The Latest Collections Online

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