There’s nothing that can slow down your morale like a laptop that glides through at a snail’s pace. If your gadget takes over 10 minutes to start and an added few more minutes to open up applications, you my friend have a lot of patience to have kept up with this third world problem. But a slow laptop doesn’t mean you need to dump its sluggish ass and move on to the next best system. There’s a bunch of things you can do to revive your laptop speed. Here are a couple of hacks to sort it out.
Remove unwanted items that run on start-up
The more the software that run on start-up, the higher will be the RAM used when you turn on your laptop. This means your system won’t be ready until all these programs load. In most cases, you don’t need all these software to run when windows starts. Things like Skype, your music play or torrent downloader can wait till you yourself turn them on. To disable application, go to windows and look for “run” then type “msconfig” into the box. This should open up the System Configuration box. Go to the “startup” tab and disable things you don’t need. Doing so will increase start-up speed.
Uninstall programs you don’t need
Cleaning out the clutter also helps increase laptop speed. Review the programs you no longer need, like old games and extra music and video players. Go to Control Panel and uninstall them. This frees up space and RAM which has a direct effect on laptop speed.
Clean up your drive
You drive end up hoarding a lot of temporary and unnecessary system files that further stress your laptop speed. Perform routine disk checks to clean it up. To do so type “cleanmgr.exe” in the run menu to access Disk Cleanup. Run the scanning process which will remove such unwanted files and enhance speed.
Check for viruses and malware
Viruses and malware not only compromise your privacy but also slows down your laptop. You need to keep your antivirus software updated and scan it at scheduled intervals to ensure your laptop hasn’t fallen prey on such malware.
Add more RAM
Inadequate RAM directly affects laptop speed. None of the above hacks can do you much good when your RAM is too low to keep up with your activities. Upgrading your RAM is easy. Upgrade to 4 GB or 6 GB RAM to get the most out of your laptop.
Switch to an SSD drive
An SSD drive may be more expensive but once you install it, it will rejuvenate your processor and make it run faster. Any laptop that has gotten sluggish over the years can be revived by an SSD drive.