Summer is not just taking a toll on you, your gadgets are bearing the brunt of the heat too. Devices like your laptop and smartphone produce a lot of heat on their own. The added heat from the surrounding just makes it worse. As a result, your gadgets overheat and begin to lag in their functioning. There could be several other impacts too, like certain apps and software can stop working, your laptop or smartphone might switch off on its own etc. Just like you wouldn’t leave yourself to burn up in a hot room, you can’t let your trusted gadgets to do so too. Instead, you can take these measures to keep your laptop cool and smoothly running in the summer. As for your phone, you can check this article about how to keep it from overheating.
Get an air conditioner
Do yourself and your gadgets a favour and get an air conditioner for your room, especially if you work from home. There’s nothing like a cold room to get your laptop temperature in check, thus improving its functionality and lifespan. You can find affordable 5-star ACs here.
Invest in a cooling pad
Placing your laptop on the raised surface of a cooling pad allows better airflow underneath to dissipate the heat. The additional fans of the cooling pad ease out the pressure on the internal fan of your laptop.
Don’t expose it to the direct sun
It is crucial that you make sure you never leave your laptop in the sun. Even when you travel with your laptop, make sure it is well-covered. Place it somewhere safe, away from the direct sunlight. Take care of it at home and at work too. If your desk is close to a window, move your laptop away from it or shut the curtains to avoid it from baking in the sun. Don’t leave your laptop in the car all day since the car ends up getting heated too.
Keep your laptop off your lap
Most laptops have risers on the bottom that provides a little space between the system and the surface so that air passes under it. This helps keep the laptop cool by releasing the hot air from it. Keeping the laptop on your lap or on a couch or on fabric covered surfaces block that space and causes your device to heat up. This makes it uncomfortable not only for your laptop but your laps too.
Give your laptop a break when you take a break
Every time your laptop is on, the processor is still running, which means, it’s still generating heat. When you leave your laptop for a break, switch it off for those few minutes so that it cools down. This way you can spare yourself the overheated laptop when you get back to it. Also Read: Everything You’ll Ever Need to Get Through a Hot Summer Day