Now that you have a great laptop for work and play, why don’t you back it up with the right laptop accessories to make the most of it. While some of these are just downright useful, the rest of them will add that much needed swag to your new gadget.
40 Watt Universal Adapter
Lapcare UNI40w 40 Watt Universal Adapter
Way to take the phrase ‘one size fits them all’ too seriously. This adapter is a boon when you’ve got many laptops around. Not only does this adapter have multiple sockets that match various laptops, it also protects them from power fluctuation.
Laptop sleeve for 15.6 inch
Neopack 3BK17 Laptop sleeve for 15.6 inch Laptop
This classy laptop sleeve comes with inner fur padding and is stylish compared to those rusty old bags. It's also made of high-quality non-scratch and water-resistant neoprene material which will ensure that your laptop and the other accessories you keep inside will remain safe. Also Read: Back To Campus: The Best Laptops to Invest In
Laptop cooling pad
Lapcare Air Station for Laptop Cooling Pad
Don’t you just hate it when you keep your laptop on your lap and it heats up? Skip all that by investing in a good laptop cooling pad. Apart from keeping your lap cool, it also prevent the laptop from overheating thus extending its lifespan.
Storm Trooper Skin for 13" Laptops
Macmerise Trooper Storm Skin for 13 Laptops
Add a laptop skin to your new gadget to add a touch of your personality to it. Star Wars, superheroes or abstract design, what designs speaks to you the most? Find them all on
USB LED light
Portronics POR 502 USB LED
Typing in the dark is not only difficult but can strain your eyes too. This USB light is perfect for those nights where you have to work yet cannot disturb your roommate.
USB 4-Port Hub
Iogear Type-C GUH3C24P USB 4-Port Hub
Can we ever have enough UBS ports to handle all our extensions? Now we can with this 4-port hub which is portable and compactly sized. Also Read: The Best Storage Devices For Every Need
Wireless Mouse
Lenovo N100 Wireless Mouse
Touchpads aren’t easy to use, especially if you’re new to using a laptop. Eliminate all those struggles by using a wireless mouse that’s easy to carry around and use, in comparison to an optical one. Find more laptop accessories here.

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