After his first standup comedy video ‘Patriotism & the Government’ went viral – even getting him death threats on social media,  which he wears as a badge of honour – Kunal Kamra is back with a new video. And this time he takes on that scourge of Mumbai, the temperamental Mumbai taxi. When Kamra talks about how he asks a taxi to take him to Andheri but gets turned down because the taxi wants to go to Lower Parel, you can almost hear the amused frustration in his voice because this is something the rest of us go through on an everyday basis. Unlike us, however, Kamra comes through this frustration with his rapier wit ("Tu train hai kya?") and an interesting take on Mumbai’s famous black-and-yellow taxis. Check out Kunal Kamra’s latest clip and then join us as we wait eagerly for his next release. We can’t wait to see where this hilarious comedian will take us next.

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