If you thought inverter ACs were the best power-saving air conditioners, here’s something better. LG’s dual inverter AC series is an upgrade over the regular inverter AC technology. What’s so good about it? It promises exceptional energy efficiency! This LG AC range is developed keeping in mind the ever-increasing summer temperature in India. With hotter weather, the AC has to be kept running for longer hours and that’s why an exceptional energy-efficient AC like the LG dual inverter air conditioner is suitable. The AC model complies with the ISEER rating system (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), a new system of efficiency rating for inverter technology. Also Read: Micro Sale: If You’ve Been Waiting Forever to Buy a Smart TV, You’ll Want to Do It Now

How Does It Work?

LG says this AC model runs on DualCool Technology. The AC has a varied speed dual rotary motor with wide rotational frequency. With this technology, the LG AC cools a room faster, runs at a quieter speed and lasts longer. Unlike a conventional split AC, the compressor of this LG dual inverter AC constantly adjusts the compressor’s speed to maintain a certain desired room temperature, which helps save a lot of power.

Additional Features

Himalaya Cool Technology

This AC is equipped with a unique Himalaya Cool Technology that cools the room as soon as you switch it on. Such fast cooling can be very useful when you walk back home from the scorching sun.

Anti-Dust Filter

This AC has a double filtration system that removes dust and allergens from the room, circulating clean and hygienic air.

Stabilizer Free Operation

With this AC range, LG also introduces stabilizer free technology that protects the inside components of the machine from power fluctuations. This means you don’t have to invest in an additional stabilizer for the AC.

Monsoon Comfort Technology

The Monsoon Comfort Technology provides appropriate cooling, even in the monsoon, when humidity is high. Another interesting feature is that the LG dual inverter AC can even take on weather conditions of up to 52° Celsius, while most other ACs promise cooling for an average temperature of 44° Celsius. If you live in particularly hot areas, this LG air conditioner might be well-suited for you. Even if you don’t, it still is a good power-saving investment for your home. Also Read: 3 Tips To Up Your Mother-Daughter Style Game Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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