Break away from your mother’s kitchen design style, and make way for some new kitchen trends to boost up your cooking space. If you’re looking for a complete kitchen makeover or just a few changes to perk up the place, here are some gorgeous kitchen trends that will infuse a modern touch of creativity to your pantry. Also Read: Every Man Needs to Invest In Shoes In These 7 Colours Now

Coloured Appliances That Add More Personality

The all-white kitchen has been overdone so many times that there’s nothing exciting about it. Colours can add a certain personality to your kitchen. Even if you choose white paint, adding colourful appliances can boost the mood of the room. Here are some kitchen appliances that can brighten up your kitchen.

Flameless Kitchen

Having an open flame gadget like the stove is not only very old-school but it’s also unsafe. A flameless kitchen is all the rage these days. Opt for a microwave over the stove. It is not only a convenient appliance to use but also does so much more than just cook everyday meals. You can use it to heat, reheat and thaw food. You can also use it to grill and bake. Another flameless kitchen gadget is the induction cooktop. It runs on electricity and cooks food faster.

Refrigerator With Specialised Storage Zones

Just like the cabinet system in your kitchen, refrigerators these days come with specialised storage zones to manage all your food in a more organized way. For instance, the French double door and triple door refrigerators are quite popular because they have separate sections to segregate your food. You can even set each section to a particular temperature, depending on what you store inside.

Appliances That Do The Work For You

Modern technology was developed to make your life simpler. Add such appliances to your kitchen that will ease your cook time. Here are some kitchen appliances that deserve a spot in your new and improved kitchen design.

Designated Areas In The Pantry

Instead of packing up your kitchen with closed shelves, these days open shelving is a big hit. Each space is designated to serve a particular function. For instance, certain shelves are designated as coffee, juice or smoothie areas. Each area will hold that particular appliance and the cutlery or glassware that goes with it. Such kitchen design makes for an ultra-functional pantry. Also Read: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the LG Dual Inverter AC

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