We live in smarter times, where smart gadgets have taken over our chores. Toiling over the stove is so 1990s. Cooking now is just a matter of hitting buttons. The question is, has your kitchen been introduced to such epictronic gadgets? Live in the now, upgrade your cooking style so that you no longer have to spend hours in the kitchen. Give your kitchen a 2017 revamp with these gadgets.

A Microwave for All Your Cooking Needs

microwave The microwave can be used for so much more than to just warm up your tea every time you forget about it. A good convection microwave can be used to bake cake, grill chicken, make curries, toast bread and cook eggs too. Why would anyone sweat it out by the hot stove when you could hit a button on the microwave and cook food much more easily? Also Read: Why Owning A Microwave Is As Important As Owning A Toothbrush

An Air Fryer to Add a Healthy Twist to Your Snacks

air fryer Fried food is great, but the amount of oil that goes into frying, not so much. Skip all that fat and fry your snacks in an air fryer. This gadget uses superheated air to fry food with little or no oil. All you have to do is place the fries or pakoras in the air fryer basket and let it cook till its a gorgeous crispy golden. This saves you all that effort of standing in front of the hot oil-filled wok, trying to dodge splashes.

A Water Purifier, Because It’s Time to Upgrade to New Technology

water purifier Water contamination is a serious problem, yet so many of us continue to use tap filters and boiling water as a purification method. The truth is there’s nothing like a good water purifier to filter the water you drink. Don’t waste your time boiling water, just install a good water purifier and have drinking water ready for you at the click on a button. Also Read: Wear it Like A Celeb: Denim

A Kettle, so You Can Sip on Tea All Day

tea time books If you’re a tea person, a handy kettle should be the answer to all your chai cravings for the day. With a kettle, you can instantly boil water, seep the tea bag of your choice and have a hot cuppa tea ready for you in minutes.

A Coffee Maker so You Never Run Out of Coffee

  black coffee Why leave out coffee lovers? Skip the jog to your local Starbucks and head to your kitchen to make your own coffee in this coffee makers. Also Read: How to Be More Active in Your Daily Life

A Toaster to Make Breakfast in Under Two Minutes

toast Never skip breakfast ever again when you can make it in under two minutes. When you don’t have much time to make breakfast, just pop a toast in this toaster for a quick meal. Add some eggs, that you can boil in the microwave or kettle and you’ll have a sumptuous breakfast ready that will keep you up and going all morning. Images courtesy: Shutterstock.com



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