A well-planned symmetry of cabinets and flooring aren’t the only things that make a kitchen. Stocking it up with the right appliances is an important aspect of remodelling your cooking space. Functionality and efficiency are two important features when buying kitchen appliances. Your aim should be picking appliances that ease your cook time and deliver great results with minimum effort. Keeping these things in mind, here are a few new and now home appliances for your kitchen makeover.


Philips HD492800 2100W Induction Cooktop The choice between a gas or induction cooktop is personal. However, it’s worth considering comparing the two.  Induction cooktops do not require you to be registered on the gas service, it operates on electricity. You can save a lot of time using this gadget as it cooks food faster. It is also comparatively safer to use than the open flame. This new and now gadget will not only make cooking easier but will also be a good-looking addition to your kitchen.

Air fryer

philips air fryer In a time where most of us hold a strong aversion to greasy food, a low-oil frying technology like the air fryer fits well in our kitchen. This gadget uses superheated air to fry food like chips, nuggets, pakoras, samosas, unlike the traditional method where these foods would be dunked in a wok of oil. The air fryer uses very little or no oil to fry the same food and still manages to maintain the flavour. If you want to introduce your kitchen to healthy food, consider bringing home an air fryer. Like this article? Also read: Air Fryer: How This Low-Oil Frying Tech Works

Water Purifier

Kent 8L Grand UVROUF Water Purifier Talking about healthy homes, a water purifier is an absolute must if you want to safeguard your family from water-borne diseases, especially in monsoon. The water you receive through your tap is layered with filth and contamination that it accumulates at source and on its way through dirty piping. Having a good water purifier filters the water and keeps you healthy. So, discard away that old school tap filter and get done with boiling water, because this is the new and now way of keeping your water safe.

Rice cooker

Panasonic SR-WA18HSS 18L 660W Automatic Cooker Though it is called the rice cooker, this is not a unitasker gadget. No doubt that it is the easiest way to make perfect rice, you can use it to cook a variety of foods too. The rice cooker uses moist heat over a period of time to cook food making sure all the flavours are trapped in the pot. You can use it to cook meals throughout the day, right from your breakfast boiled eggs to steamed veggies or meat for lunch, and dinnertime soups and dessert pudding too.


Philips HD441920 2300W Table Grill The table grill is not only a good-looking addition to your kitchen, it also promotes healthy cooking. You can use it to grill veggies and meat using very little oil. This indoor barbequing gadget gives you smoky, delicious food. Your new kitchen could use a fancy yet efficient gadget like this. Like this article? Also read: Get Grilling with These Gadgets


IFB 20SC2 20L Convection Microwave Oven A high-performing convention oven can be used to heat food, grill and bake too. You can cook food faster and more evenly in it. Cooking in a microwave also minimises the loss of nutrients in food and consumes less oil to cook in comparison to a stove. Because of all these cooking conveniences, it has become an essential part of a modern kitchen. Like this article? Also read: Why Owning A Microwave Is As Important As Owning A Toothbrush Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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