Not everyone loves cooking, but the ones who do find great happiness in anything and everything related to it. So, it’s a no-brainer that if you really want them to jump in joy at the sight of your gift, it should be something that aids their time in the kitchen or is some sort of a kitchen collectable. For all those master chefs we know, here are a few kitchen gifts you can’t go wrong with.
Air fryer
Croma CRAO0042 Low Oil Fryer
This gadget brings the right amount of innovativeness to a cooking enthusiast’s kitchen. With this appliance, they can get back to cooking those fun, fried and crispy food with little or no oil at all. There’s also so many ways to experiment with this air fryer, each time trying to cook something new in this gadget that keeps things healthy yet delish. Did you know, you can make your traditional Diwali snacks like chakli and gujiya in this air fryer too?
Waffle maker
Lifelong Waffled 105 2 Slice Waffle Maker
Waffles are to us Indians, what Butter Chicken is to Americans, everyone wants a bite of it! Being able to recreate this American breakfast delight in your own kitchen just makes it a lot better. Buy someone a waffle machine this holiday season and watch them go creative when cooking this special treat.
Egg cooker
Black & Decker EG100-B5 350W Egg Cooker
It may look like a child’s play but it takes a lot of work to make perfect eggs. But no one should worry about it when they have this egg cooker at hand. You can make all kinds of eggs, hard, soft and poached in this appliance. It’s easy to use and it makes cooking eggs just as simple as it sounds.
Bajaj Presto XL Chopper
Let’s admit, chopping can be a mundane task, even a person who loves cooking would agree to it. Skip all their woes and buy them this gadget that will make chopping a minute’s worth job that can be done by a push of a button. Also Read: Kitchen Appliances You’ll Need Around When You Start Making Healthy Meals
Hand blender
KitchenAid Pro Line Cordless Hand Blender
One gadget, six uses. This multipurpose blender can chop veggies, blend soup, froth smoothies, whisk eggs, shred chicken and puree tomatoes. There are so many uses of this appliance, anyone who likes spending time in the kitchen will love having this handy gadget around. Cover Image Courtesy:

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