Work work work work work WEEKEND—you know the drill, don’t you! In this ‘weekend to weekend life’ that we live, a longer weekend becomes a shining ray of hope. A hope that we’ll finally use the extra holiday to do more than just eat, sleep and repeat. Coming up ahead is a holiday like that, thanks to Independence Day. Thank you India! In case you want to do things a little differently this time like Celebrity Chef Varun Inamdar and decide to spend it on a date night, he’s got a few ques to help you. Check out his date night menu. But first go grab your dependables. Varun Inamdar
Varun’s signature flaming mojito
Beetroot, red berries with some rock salt and sugar smooth- pureed with a hand blender topped with lemon gatorade in a tall glass. You will need: Hand blender Morphy Richards HBCD Hand Blender  
BBQ Air-fried Chicken wings
Air fryer for frying wings, laced in a house blend of rich BBQ sauce. You will need: Air fryer philips air fryer
Butter Popcorn
Microwave for some instant popping of corn kernels. You will need: Microwave IFB 17PM MEC 17 Litre Solo Microwave
Oven baked casserole of vegetables, rich Neapolitan sauce, mozzarella cheese and pasta sheets. You will need: Convection Oven Morphy Richards 20CG 200ACM 20L Convection Microwave
Instant Caramel Pudding
A quick to set milk, cream and caramelised sugar dessert, perfected to set with some agar agar or china grass which stays wonderfully chilled in a refrigerator. You will need: Refrigerator Panasonic A220STSFP 215 L Single Door Refrigerator Cover Image Courtesy:

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