As with any tasks, there are two ways to approach cooking, either you work hard or you work smart. And when it’s time that’s a concern, often working smartly can be the key to getting you sorted. If the clock’s constantly ticking on your cook time, here are 6 smart kitchen appliances that ease out your work faster.
Automatic cooker
Panasonic SR-DF181 18 L Automatic Cooker
Here’s an automatic cooker with multi-cooking options to make rice, porridge, soup and to cook and steam whatever you please. This appliance runs on electricity and can be a great plan B when the cooktop is out of service. It easy to use and requires little effort. It is also easy to clean. Also Read: 6 Modern Kitchen Appliances That Will Set Your Kitchen Apart
Food processor
Bajaj Majesty FX9 Mini Food Processor
Slice French fries or veggies, shred cheese, knead dough and do much more with this multiuse food processor. It lets you chop, mince, whisk, grind and knead with its assortment of attachments. This way you can save a lot of time and energy that you’d otherwise use to manually do these chores.
IFB 30SC4 30L Convection Microwave
Cook food, bake a cake and use it to grill your veggies, a microwave is the most versatile appliance in a kitchen. You can use it for simple but essential tasks too like thawing frozen food instantly and warming up your meal so that you can enjoy piping hot food every time.
Air fryer
philips air fryer
No need to stand in front of a pan frying fries in the heat and oil. Just slice them in your food processor and throw them into the basket of an air fryer. This appliance uses an innovative technology to cook your food with little or no oil at all. It’s easy to use and you get to enjoy your snacks minus the oil. It is also simple to clean this appliance. Also Read: Kitchen Appliances That Inspire You to Eat Healthier
Food chopper
Inalsa Easy Chop Mini Chopper
Don’t waste crucial time in this mundane task of chopping vegetables. Get a food chopper to do it for you with the press of a button.
Glen GL 3033 1200 W Glass Grill
Roast meat, grill veggies and fry eggs at the same time on this glass grill. This way you cut down the time you’d otherwise take to cook each food individually and the number of cookware you’d utilise in doing so. This grill is perfect for indoor use in the summer as it does not heat up the place the way a stovetop would.

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