When buying appliances for your kitchen, it’s important to buy only the best kitchen appliances that will stand up to regular use. You might not need a top-notch hub to power up all your cooking desires, but a simple microwave oven will prove to be a multipurpose appliance that will meet most of your needs. We have listed such simple yet functional gadgets that are all worth buying for your kitchen, especially because they’re all on sale! Also Read: 20 Cool Outfits On Sale Right Now

IFB 20SC2 20L Convection Microwave Oven

IFB 20SC2 20L Convection Microwave Oven Silver
Cooking, baking or grilling, you name it and this kitchen appliance has you covered. This convection microwave oven comes with 24 pre-programmed cooking functions, and lets you prepare recipes at the press of a button. Whether you feel like grilled chicken, pizza or noodles, just put in your ingredients and hit the cooking setting to get your food prepared in a jiffy.

Bajaj MTBX 2016 20 L Grill Microwave Oven

Bajaj MTBX 2016 20 L Grill Microwave Oven Black
If you’re not looking to bake cakes and pies, then a grill microwave oven is a better choice. This oven can be used for basic cooking as well as grilling. Cooking in an oven is a healthier choice as you don’t need to use much oil. You can grill chicken or vegetables to prepare a healthy meal every day.

Morphy Richards 20 Litre 20MS Solo Microwave

Morphy Richards 20 Litre 20MS Solo Microwave Black5 7 Ratings
A solo microwave is a simple yet essential gadget to own. Unlike a convection or grill oven, you can’t cook all kinds of foods in it but it is still a very handy appliance. You can use it to heat, reheat and thaw food. It is much convenient to use the microwave than turn on the stove every time you have to heat a cup of tea. You can also use it to make simple foods like rice or porridge.

Bajaj Pluto 500 Watt 3-Jar Mixer Grinder

Bajaj Pluto 500 Watt 3 Jar Mixer Grinder White Blue
This mixer grinder is a versatile kitchen appliance that can be used to grind dry and wet ingredients. Right from grinding chutneys, curry pastes and sauces, to making smoothies, this powerful gadget will be useful.

Philips HL7576/00 600W Juicer Mixer Grinder

Philips HL757600 600W Juicer Mixer Grinder Blue
Apart from being able to provide you with superior mixing and grinding functions, this kitchen appliance also transforms into a juicer. It comes with 4-speed settings to match your needs. It comes with a detachable spout that makes it easy to clean.

Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 Juicer

Philips Viva Collection HR186320 Juicer Black Silver
If you take your juices seriously, you might prefer this juicer that’s specifically designed to extract maximum juice without any wastage. Its 700-watt motor can effectively blend, mix and crush all kinds of fruits and veggies. This juicer also has a quick cleaning technology that makes it less of a hassle when it comes to cleaning.

Prestige PCJ 7.0 Juicer

Prestige PCJ 70 Juicer Black
Here’s another juicer to prepare that fresh glass of healthy juice every morning. This is a centrifugal juicer that has a large capacity and extra wide mouth of fit in whole or semi-citrus fruits. It has a sieve, pulp separator and anti-drip feature that makes it more convenient to use.

Maharaja Whiteline SuperMix 350 W Hand Blender

Maharaja Whiteline SuperMix 350 W Hand Blender White
A hand blender might not be as powerful as a mixer-grinder but it holds an important place in a kitchen. It is a small and compact kitchen appliance that can be used to quickly blend, puree and emulsify ingredients. It can be used for preparing quick smoothies, protein shakes, pancake batter, soups and a lot more.

Maharaja Whiteline Viva 1 L Kettle

Maharaja Whiteline Viva 1 L Kettle WhiteBlack
A kettle can heat water faster and uses less energy. It is a quick and easy way to prepare that steaming hot cup of tea. Moreover, you can use it to make much more than tea. Read all about how a kettle can prove to be a handy gadget when you live in a hostel.

Prestige PKOSS 41587 1.5 L 1500W Electric Kettle

Prestige PKOSS 41587 15 L 1500W Electric Kettle SilverBlack
Here’s another kettle for your hostel or everyday use. This one is a slightly larger 1.5-litre kettle that can boil more water in one go. Get the newest & nowest electronics & appliances on sale at Tata CLiQ’s CLiQ CLiQ Sale. Click here to shop Kitchen Appliances. Also Read: Why This Rs 23,000 Laptop is Worth Buying Right Now Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com