Your kitchen might be well-equipped with gadgets for all sorts of cooking—or so you think. There's so much of the culinary world to explore, which will require more than the usual pots and pans, stoves and ovens. While you might not realise that you need innovative appliances in your kitchen, soon you'll be wondering how you ever functioned without them.  
Air Fryer
philips air fryer
In a time where most of us are keen on healthy meals, a low-oil frying technology like the air fryer is a must in the kitchen. This gadget uses superheated air to fry food like chips, nuggets, pakoras and samosas, unlike the traditional method where these foods would be dunked in a wok of oil. The air fryer uses very little or no oil to fry the same food and still manages to maintain the flavour. Also Read: The Only Pieces From The CLiQ Clock Sale You Need To Own
Waffle Maker
waffle maker
Get a thumbs ups from the family when you invest in this easy-to-use waffle maker. Apart from making those delicious waffles, you can use this appliance to make a several foods like waffled French toast, waffle crust pizza, waffled eggs, crispy waffley bacon—you name it and this ingenious gadget will waffle-lize it.
Bread Maker
bread maker
You can never be too sure about what goes into the making of store-bought bread. However, you can control the ingredients and even add an extra bunch of healthy ones when you make your own bread. You can bake your own organic multi-grain bread and ensure there’s nothing that compromises your diet. Also Read: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Garba Workout
Rotisserie Grill
Chef Pro CRG091 900 W Rotisserie Grill
If you want to stop cooking your meat in gallons of oil, this is a smart investment. Enjoy smoky flavoured meat, grilled to perfection on this rotisserie grill. When you grill your food, you end up using lesser oil, which means you’ll be consuming lesser fats too. Cook flavoursome and succulent tikkas and kebabs in this Chef Pro Rotisserie Grill.
Food Chopper
food chopper
For those who’ve always wished for a sous chef in the kitchen to do all the chopping and cutting, well, here’s your wish granted. Hate cutting onions? Put them in the chopper for the finest cut that will put a chef’s chopping skills to shame. And it’s not just veggies, you can add fruits and nuts to the chopper too. Also Read: No-Cook Recipes for Those Lazy Monsoon Days