Christmas eve is a day of great celebrations and good food. But there’s a lot of culinary struggle that goes into preparing it. It gets tougher if you’re a one-man army left to toil in the kitchen. For times like these, you can always rely on your little helpers in the pantry. Presenting to you 5 kitchen appliances that will help you prepare a stress-free Christmas dinner this year.
Stand Mixer
Kitchen Aid
It’s no Christmas without a Xmas cake, so drop everything and get started on the first step for a happy Christmas meal. This stand mixer is a step over the traditional hand mixer that took up effort and time. With this stand mixer, you can just throw together the ingredients and let it whip up a nice fluffy batter. Also Read: How to Make A Healthy Christmas Cake
Convection Microwave
IFB 30L 30SC4 Convection Microwave
Moving on from the batter, it’s now time to let that delicious cake bake to perfection. A convection microwave is a good baking appliance. But the cake isn’t the only thing you can bake, you can also roast chicken and potato, prepare gravy and bake the pudding and pies too.
Havells 38 RSS GHCOTBHS160 38 L OTG Microwave Oven
While the microwave might be a newer kitchen staple, the oven has been a Christmas meal cooking essential since our Grandmas started baking their first cakes. Apart from cakes, like the microwave the oven has been used to make roasted veggies and meat, pies, cookies and so much more. But unlike the microwave, there’s a certain old-school charm and flavour that comes to the food when you cook it in the oven. Wouldn’t you agree that an oven roasted chicken has a special smoked essence that no microwave can add to it?
Air Fryer
philips air fryer
Since we’ve already established that one can make a bunch of Diwali snacks in the air fryer, it’s not hard to believe that Christmas food can be made in it too. Instead of baking your veggies and meat, you can try air frying it in this new age appliance that uses less oil which makes the food healthier. If you look online, many home chefs have also tried making the Christmas cake, muffins, stuffing and potato croquettes, all Christmas staples, in the air fryer. Will you give this healthy frying tech a shot this year?
Glass Grill
Glen GL 3033 1200 W Glass Grill
The glass grill is a portable, healthy and safe grilling technology. If you don’t want to precook your grilled food and would rather put up a grill station when everyone gathers, then this is the perfect appliance for it. It uses less oil and grills faster too. You can cook healthy chicken and paneer tikkas, sausages and sauté veggies in your own living room in style. Cover Image Courtesy:

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