Aren’t we all such a privileged lot to be living in a time where food can be made by a touch of a button. Ok, maybe not in the ultra-evolved The Jetsons kind of way, but with a little prep and a good kitchen appliance, cooking has become so much easier. Don’t believe us yet? Check out these kitchen appliances that make life simpler.
Low Oil Fryer
Croma CRAO0042 Low Oil Fryer  
Guilt-free French fries and a bunch of other fried foods just became a healthy reality with the coming of the this low oil fryer. You can now skip all those oil soaked nightmares and munch on fun foods without worry. With little or no oil at all, the new technology in this fryer allows you to fry with air, making your food crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Enjoy the same delicious food now with a touch of health.
Pop Up Toaster
Croma CRK6040 2 Slice Pop-Up Toaster  
When in doubt (and struck with hunger, especially in the middle of the night), make a toast. Why you ask? Well, because you can toast bread in a toaster in under two minutes and it requires minimal effort. Simply dig through your food cabinet for the perfect topping (read cheese, butter, Nutella, ham etc.) and treat yourself to a perfect midnight snack. Did we mention, it’s portable and compact enough to store in your sock drawer!
Croma CRAM1088 20 Ltr Grill Microwave Oven  
It’s 2016, if you don’t have a microwave yet, you have lived a tough life using the gas stove every time your tea went cold. To give you a first world solution for this harrowing problem and to aid your cooking, we present the Croma microwave. Now this particular kitchen appliance not only reheats your food with an auto programmed time and power levels, it also ensure that your food stays warm for longer and doesn’t overcook.
Mini Chopper
Croma CRK4155 300W Mini Chopper
For those who’ve always wished for a sous chef in your own home kitchen to do all the chopping and cutting, well, here’s your wish granted. This Croma Mini Chopper may be just the thing you’re looking for. Hate cutting onions? Stash them in the chopper for the finest cut that will even put a chef’s chopping skills to shame. And it’s not just veggies, you can add fruits and nuts to the chopper too. Chop chop, go check it out now.
Hand Mixer
Croma CRK4084 250W Hand Mixer  
What is the first thing you need to make a good cake? Do I hear you saying ‘skills’? Well no, that’s not the right answer. The first thing any baker needs is a good mixer, like the Croma hand mixer. Use this high speed hand mixer for a fluffy batter and a delicious cake.
Coffee Maker
coffee maker  
This one-time buy will help you save loads of money that you’d otherwise spend every morning on those life-saving espressos. The Croma Coffee Maker helps you brew the strongest coffee in less than a minute. Saving money and time (plus good coffee) - maybe this is what dreams are made of!
Electric Kettle
Croma CRK3030 0.5 Litre Electric Kettle  
It’s time to let go of your grandma’s old kettle, there’s a new diva that deserves a spot in your home. Croma kettles are much more fashionable and advanced than the traditional ones. With variable temperature settings and an easier accessible lid, you won’t have to deal with the same old problems your grandmother had to deal with 40 years ago. Also Read: Bust Your Midweek Blues with Our Tried N’ Tested Hump Day Survival Kit Find more kitchen appliances here. Cover Image Courtesy:

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