With Christmas around the corner, we want to save you time that you'd end up spending walking around crowded department stores. Instead of giving mainstream gifts, why not focus on something that’s both thoughtful and a cut above the rest this year around? Kitchen appliances make for practical and thoughtful Christmas gifts that will most probably be used by the receiver on a daily basis. Be it a new homeowner, an experimental foodie or a soon-to-be-chef, these kitchen appliances will surely make wonderful gifts for them. Here’s a list of kitchen appliances that will make for great Christmas gifts!

Philips HD7431/20 700W 0.6L Coffee Maker

If you know someone who never says no to a cup of coffee, a coffee maker would be the best possible gift you could give them. This Philips Coffee Maker is an attractive-looking machine that offers the best cup of coffee every time. With its built-in filter, it refines the coffee of any impurities, offering a perfect brew every time. The aroma twister of the machine ensures that coffee is circulated through the jug for an optimal and consistent aroma, from the first to the last cup. The machine is perfect to make coffee from 2 up to 7 cups!

Philips HR18 Juicer

This Christmas, give the gift of endless juices to the people you care. This compact juicer from Philips is all one needs to make fresh juices without any hassle. Its QuickClean sieve has smooth surfaces which makes it very easy to clean it off the fibres even with a standard kitchen sponge. And, all the juice that you make can easily be directed to a glass with the help of the integrated tap. If you’re wondering about where the pulp goes, it’s all collected in the pulp container which can easily be cleaned because of its smooth and rounded design. Like this article? Also read: The Watch Glossary

Glen GL 4043 Plus 250 W Mini Chopper

Agreeably, chopping veggies and fruits have to be among the most tedious jobs in the confines of a kitchen, not to forget a bit dangerous too. This vegetable chopper will be a perfect kitchen gift as it won’t just save time and energy, but it’ll also save the cook from any chopping-related injuries. The electric chopper will chop all you want just with the push of a button. Also, the rust-resistant blade will ensure hassle-free operation without worrying about the durability of the product.

Inalsa Universa TM 1.8 L Electric Kettle

Boiling water in the kitchen is as frequent as the number of times Home Alone is showed on TV during Christmas. And with electric kettles available now, why waste time and precious gas while heating water on a stove! This Inalsa kettle is a value-for-money purchase that has a sufficient capacity of 1.8L. Its transparent body makes it easy to measure the liquid to be boiled in it. It also switches off automatically once the liquid is heated to prevent any mishaps from occuring.

Morphy Richards 25L Convection Microwave

Morphy Richards has been synonymous with their quality kitchen appliances in India and this microwave from Morphy Richards is no different. It has more than 50 auto cook menus to choose from, which once selected, will prepare the dish without any intervention required by the cook. Apart from this, it also features useful functions like combination cooking where you can use any combination of Microwave+Grill+Convection to prepare an automated meal. Like this article? Also read: Shop Living Coral, Pantone's Colour Of 2019 Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com