The easiest trick to convince yourself to eat healthier is to surround yourself with healthy food. So, every time you reach out, all you’ll find is good foods and that’s what you’ll end up eating. Step one into getting this plan into action, is to equip your kitchen with appliances that help you cook healthier food. Here are a few to get you started.
Air Fryer
philips air fryer
Air fryers use an innovative frying technology that fries food with using very little or no oil at all. Whether you’re making quick snacks like pakoras or nuggets or even fried chicken, use this gadget to cook your food. This ensures you make no compromise on taste and yet reap the benefit of eating low-oil and low-fat food. Also Read: You’re One Air Fryer Away from A Healthier Diwali
Steam Cooker
Glen GL3051 825W Steam Cooker
Steamed foods like veggies and rice cakes make for a filling meal sans the extra calories. Having a steam cooker lets you steam those low-cal idlis for breakfast and veggies for lunch, keeping you and your diet on check.
Slow Juicer
Morphy Richards SJ01 Slow Juicer
Natural juices are filled with healthy nutrients but are you really getting them when you juice them up? There are various kinds of juicers that use different juicing procedures. Most commercial juicer heat up during the process thus oxidizing the nutrients in the bargain. To make the most of your juice, use a cold-pressed juicer that slowly juices the fruit or vegetable and keeps the nutrients intact. Also Read: Not All Juicers Are the Same, Which One’s Perfect for You?
Chef Art CHBA303 400W Hand Blender
Healthy soups, smoothies and sauces are quick go-tos when you want to keep your meals light. Have a blender around to quickly whip up such diet food.
Philips HD259509 2 Slice Compact Pop-Up Toaster
They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but how often do we end up skipping this meal because of the lack of time in the morning? Having a toaster will ensure you have something to eat in the morning within 2 minutes. Toast up some whole wheat or multigrain bread and lather it with some peanut butter or eggs for a healthy start to your day.

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