If there’s one thing you can’t leave behind when packing for a holiday, it’s your camera. Those breath-taking views, exotic meals and wow moments from your trip must be captured, after all. So the question remains, should you bring along the easy-to-use point-and-shoot camera or a high-end DSLR? Or should you travel light and use a cell phone camera instead? The truth is that there’s no one camera that works for all kinds of trips. You have to consider things like where you’re going, what you want to photograph and what you’ll do with those photos.  Based on such factors, here are a few camera recommendations for your next holiday.

For a Holiday With a View

views When you’re off to Thailand and want to capture the sunset on the beaches in Krabi, or whether you're exploring the mountains in Kasol, consider a mirrorless camera. Such cameras are great for trips with spectacular views as they don’t compromise on quality and are versatile, without being heavy or bulky to carry. These cameras don’t come with the mirror and optical viewfinder, instead, you can compose your photo on the rear screen, like with a smartphone. They are compact, yet feature-rich, with manual overrides as well as fully automatic functions that produce high quality images. Also Read: These Drone Pictures Will Ignite Your Wanderlust  

For an Adventure Trip

biking Is your holiday the adventurous kind, where you’ll be windsurfing, biking or trekking? Then consider a GoPro. These cameras can handle rugged adventures as they are dust- and water-proof. They are also light-weight and produce high quality images with 4K resolution that makes it ideal when chronicling adrenaline-packed adventures. These cameras are also easy-to-use and have a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you share your photos and videos on the go. Also Read: Do It Better Than A Celeb: Light Layering  

For Exploring New Cities

new york When holidaying in cities like New York or even Jaipur, it is those small things that make for great memories. A beautiful, lazy Sunday in Central Park or an authentic Rajasthani food thali make for such good pictures - but you don’t need a high-end camera for these images, a smartphone with a good camera will be just fine when exploring a new city. If you want to save your phone battery for other uses like GPSing your way around the city, you can also opt for a compact point-and-shoot digital camera. Both these gadgets have internet connectivity so you can share your pictures on social media instantly. Also Read: These Smartphone Cameras Will Let You Capture Photos in Low Light  

For Those Big Moments

northern lights Are you going tiger spotting or taking a trip to see the Northern Lights? Then you’ll want a DSLR camera that offers you total control over your image and gives you incredible picture quality. You can add various lenses to your DSLRs to give you the perfect photo. Even professionals use these cameras on their shoots. Many of these cameras also have Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you transfer images to your laptops and smartphones easily. Also Read: DSLR Cameras for Every Type of Photograph So what’s your next holiday like? You can pick the right cameras for your trip from the ones below.

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