If there is one thing millennials should get the credit for, it is for Kickstarter. This democratic online community helps artists, designers, filmmakers and creative innovators make a case for their project of love in order to find the backing to fund that. Many a great and little inventions have see the light of the day, thanks to Kickstarter and the world is just a tad better for it. Here are a few projects we'd really like to see worked out. Pledge away, good folks.


When an institution like The Smithsonian takes to Kickstarter, you really start questioning federal budgets and where your tax money is going? Dorothy's Ruby Slippers (click thrice and you're home, yes) from the Wizard of Oz have been with the National Museum of American History since 1979. After travelling the length of the yellow brick road and being an object of much admiration at the museum for all these years, the pair is in immediate need of some TLC. Help the Ruby Slippers stay ruby, guys. Pledge here.

The Sari: A How-To Drape Film Series

Okay, so here's a Kickstarter project that simply deserves our patronage. Border&Fall's new endeavour is to create a three-part short film series that will serve as a digital anthology on draping the sari in 84 ways. Yes, you read that right. We don't even need to make a case for this one, but if you're still looking for returns, you can get anything from a sari poster illustrated by Manjuna Sigh Waldia to handwoven saris from Raw Mango, Rahul Mishra, Anavila and Péro. If there's one project that needs backing up asap, it's this.


Okay gentlemen, sit up and take notice. If you're slumped on your desk all day, this project is for you. This made-to-measure shirt is just sharp AF, but will also correct your posture without those ugly medical gear. It's genius lies in the comfort it affords and is engineered in a way to tighten around the shoulders the moment you start to slump. Sure is a winner!

The Hug Project

Winter is coming, guys, and so are the seasonal hugs. Had a bad day or just watched a tear-jerker of a movie? All you need is a good, old-fashioned, cozy bear hug. The Hug Project is looking to revolutionise both lounge wear and the concept of hugs at the same time. These sweatshirts come with built in pockets for your hands so can stay warm, just like the hug you're receiving. What's more? The fabric is waterproof so you can shed a tear or two thousand without any consequences. Go on, guys, hug a bae today.

The Kanye Vest

This one needs no explanation or justification. Just "invest" already, people!