Living in a hostel is great, until you get hungry. Then it’s all about making it to the canteen before it shuts or trying to barter midnight snacks for your limited edition of GoT merchandise.  All that misery just to get your hands on some basic nutrition is too much of an effort. Instead, just use your month’s pocket money to buy yourself an electric kettle. No, not because you are such a big chai-person but because you can use it to make a bunch of quick meals.

Kettles are handy and affordable. It’s the perfect dorm mate. From breakfast to dinner, here are a few dishes you can cook in a kettle.

Eggs for brekkie

You can’t go wrong with boiled eggs for breakfast and it won’t even take you 10 minutes to prepare it.  Place the eggs in the kettle and fill it up with water so that it’s a level above the eggs. Prop the kettle to one side so that the eggs don’t touch the heating element. Turn on the kettle and let it boil You’ll need about 13 minutes in total, so keep turning it on every time it shuts off automatically. One the time’s up, you can pour out the water and carefully move the eggs into a bowl of cold water. Remember not to stick your hands in the kettle. And voila, your eggs are ready.

Oatmeal for a mid-day munchie

Let’s keep it healthy between meals. Don’t give in to that 11am binge. Go to your dorm and make yourself a hot bowl of instant oatmeal instead. Pour some instant oatmeal in a bowl. Boil water in an electric kettle and once it’s hot, pour it into the oatmeal bowl and stir well. Your instant oatmeal is now ready

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Rice meal for lunch

And no we’re not hinting for khichdi here. Make a rice meal with some exotic spices. All you need to do is soak rice for 20 minutes in water. Chop up a bunch of veggies you like and gather some simple spices like ginger, garlic, fresh chilli and coriander. Add all the ingredients in the kettle with some salt to taste. Turn the kettle on and get about 20 minutes of cook time. Enjoy your hearty rice meal hot.

Chai time all the time

Boil one cup of water into the kettle. Once it’s hot pour it into the cup with a tea bag. You can add a spoon of milk powder to make some milky chai. Enjoy you hot cuppa all day.

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Maggi for dinner

Maggi for dinner again? Well, no one really tires of it really, so here we go. Did you know maggi can actually be made in 2-5 minutes using a kettle? It’s true! Heat water in the kettle and add the raw noodles to it. Shut it and let it cook but keep opening the lid occasionally to check. Once you think the maggi has softened slightly, add the tastemaker and allow it to cook for 2 minutes. Bon Appétit, my friends!

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