Remember when everyone was jealous of Finland for its excellent educational system? Well, they just upped the ante by introducing us to the word we’ve been looking for ever since Netflix became a thing in our lives. According to Finland’s official websitekalsarikannit may be defined as “the feeling when you are going to get drunk home alone in your underwear – with no intention of going out.” No longer do we have to feel shame as we lounge about in front of the TV drinking beer out of the bottle while dressed in nothing but our boxers. No longer do we have to feel guilty for ignoring all the texts and calls from friends asking what we’ve got planned for the weekend. No longer do we have to introspect and wonder whether we ought to be more proactive when it comes to making plans. Instead, we can take pride in the fact that we honour the Finnish tradition of kalsarikannit – an entire plan unto itself!

How to: Kalsarikannit

Seeing as how the word has only recently come into the spotlight, there still exists some confusion about it. As the Chicago Tribune puts it, “Is it a noun? A verb? Does one kalsarikannit, or does one take a kalsarikannit?” To that we say… who cares? The point here is that we now have an actual word for what has become our go-to plan most nights. ‘Netflix and Chill’ had its time in the sun, but it’s up to kalsarikannit to get us out of the sun, into our underwear and onto the couch, beer mugs clutched closely to our chests. Rarely has a word made such a connection with millennials as this one had and for good reason. Things have been hard for millennials of late. Being the most educated generation in history simply means that it’s more competitive out there in the job market than ever before when it comes to proving your worth to an employer. By the time you’re finally done with work, the other quintessentially millennial pursuits (networking, socialising, experiencing) go out the window when the opportunity arises to spend the little time you have to yourself at home on your own.

The Ever-Evolving Language of Millenials

We’ve even had a host of terms arise in the past few years to reflect a changing trend in lifestyles: Netflix and Chill: An invitation to that special someone to come on over and watch Netflix together instead of going out. Might also be a euphemism for sex – who knew? 😉 Hygge: A Danish term (pronounced ‘hue-gah’) for enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Think of it as a lifestyle choice to be content with the natural happiness that life throws your way – warm socks in winter, relaxing with friends, enjoying a candlelit dinner with someone you love. It’s all about appreciating life in its most basic, wonderful form. Lagom: A Swedish word meaning “just the right amount” and it’s used to indicate a lifestyle of moderation. Everything is okay if you do juuuuuust about enough of it. No lavish celebrations or over-the-top parties make it through the lagom filter. Kalsarikannit fits right in with these. And if you still aren’t convinced, Finland even released some country-specific emojis to help you get a clearer picture of what you’re missing out on. Can you honestly tell me that this wouldn’t be the perfect reply to all those “What’s the plan this weekend?” texts?

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