Ladies, gentlemen, girls and boys, get set to be blown away. There is a new Puma collection in town and we are already going gaga over it. The range features exciting new technologies, throwbacks, stylish looks and comfort above all! Grab a pair for your workout, marathon or your next BIG office meeting - there is a shoe for everyone (literally!). Could we expect anything less from PUMA?

Spaced Out

Move over black and white, red and white is the new IT combination. No wonder these casual shoes are topping our list of favourites from Puma’s latest collection. An ode to galaxies and Gen Z, the RS 9.8 Space technology is all about people who don’t follow societal rules and also, the laws of physics. Oh, did we mention that the shoes feature a rubber sole that provides much-needed support and stability? In terms of appearance, the round-shaped tip definitely steals the show.

Quirky Twos

If you are the quirky one in your group, this pair of sneakers is designed for you. You’ll be happy to know that it’s not only a good looker but, ranks high on the comfort chart too - all thanks to the rubber sole that provides optimum surface traction. With this pair, Puma is bringing back the Cell Technology from the 90s in its original form. So, if you feel the shoes are extra cushion-y for your feet, you know who to thank.

Workout Buddy

Looking for the perfect workout partner? Your search ends here. These training shoes are designed for someone who never backs down - whether it’s in the gym or on the street. The mesh on the top gives the required support to your feet and the rubber sole prevents chances of slips or injuries. And, who would be able to resist that black shine? We certainly can’t get enough.

Runners' Pick

The name says it all, doesn’t it? These running shoes are designed for professional runners or anyone who enjoys the thrill of a quick run. Blending cushioning with responsiveness, the Hybrid range brings together Puma’s most innovative technologies - IGNITE FOAM and NRGY beads. To top it off, the upper is made of premium fabric that provides comfort and the abrasion-resistant rubber sole saves your feet from any kind of strains.