There’s nothing like a glass of cold juice on a hot summer day to cool you down. It’s a healthier way to hydrate your body instead of picking on aerated drinks. A combination of fruit and vegetable juice is also a good source of nourishment that will pack you with energy and possibly glowing skin when it seems like the weather is all out to get you. So, get ready to beat the heat with healthy fluids all summer. Get the right juicers for all your juicing needs.
Morphy Richards Centrifugal Juicer
Morphy Richards Juice Xpress 700 W Centrifugal Juicer
You can make both fruit and veggie juices in this centrifugal juicer. It is the most common kind of juicer that separates the juice and pulp into different containers. It’s great to have this juicer around for everyday use as it juices up the produce quickly to give you a glass of fresh juice on-the-go.
Philips Citrus Press Juicer
Philips Citrus Press HR277128 Juicer
This citrus press juicer is built specifically to squeeze the juice from citrus fruits like orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit. Everything from the juice to the pulp and the seeds are well-separated in this gadget, making it convenient to use. It has a two-way rotation mode which ensures you extract maximum juice out of the fruit. It also has a measuring meter to collect the juice, in case you want to portion control it.
Oster Hand Blender with Chopping Attachment
Oster 2612 Hand Blender with Chopping Attachment
This blender comes with multiple attachments that chops, mixes, grinds and purees your ingredients. So, you can use it to chop up your vegetables first and give them a good mixing before you juice up a healthy mix veggie juice for yourself. Also Read: The Right Juicer to Get Started on A Juice Cleanse
Russell Hobbs RJE400E 400 W Juicer Extractor
Russell Hobbs RJE400E 400 W Juicer Extractor
This compact juicer is easy to use, store and clean. You can rely on this handy gadget for a quick dose of juice every morning. This gadget comes with a 2-litre pulp collector so you can go ahead and put the whole fruit inside to juicing it up.
Usha Nutripress Cold Press Juicer
Usha Nutripress CPJ362F 240 Watt Cold Press Juicer
A cold press juicer is also called a slow juicer because it uses a slower process to juice up the ingredients. This process does not produce much heat thus makes it more likely to keep the nutrients from oxidising. This juicer gives you the healthiest juice compared to its counterparts.

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