A juice cleanse is not a long-term diet you could rely on for weight loss. Many claim that this detox diet can improve health of mind and body.It does so by fuelling up your body with powerful nutrients and antioxidants juiced out from fruits and vegetables. The cleanse is a great way to kick start a weight loss diet since you’ve already gotten a hang of abstaining from the food you love and just food in general too. For as long as you decide to stay on this cleanse, your meals will be glasses of fruit and vegetable juice. Sounds delicious, right? You only have to make sure you get your juices on time. While there are many juice services that cater to juice cleanses, an economical way is to juice up yourself. And for that you will need a juicer to get started.

Not all juicers are the same

The juicer you use to squeeze out a quick glass of OJ after a morning run is not the same you would use to make a big batch of juice for a family gathering and certainly not the same for preparing several portions of juice bottles for a day on the juice cleanse. Read all about how to find the right juicer for yourself here. But if you’re specifically interested in a juicer for a juice cleanse, there’s only one kind that’s right for you—the cold press juicer.

Cold press juicers

Cold press juicers or slow juicers produce the healthiest juices. These juices, made in a cold press juicer, do not produce much heat during the juicing process thus keep the nutrients and antioxidants intact in the juice obtained. Other juicers emit a lot of heat which oxidize the nutrients thus rendering your concoction less healthy. You can use a slow juicer to extract juices from almost every kind of fruit and veggie. They’re the most efficient juicers that give you the most out of your produce. And that’s why they need to be on your shopping list. Once you have one of these machines of your own, you can encourage your family to try out this detox that’s a great way to refresh our system.

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