We all have that one pair of jeans that we absolutely love and wouldn't mind wearing everyday even though we have several other pairs to choose from. Finding the perfect pair can be a task but once you've found jeans that fit you like second skin, you'd want to live in 'em. When it comes to denims, the perfect pair shouldn't only be comfortable but should also be flattering and should accentuate your figure in the perfect way.Jacqueline Fernandez, the brand ambassador for Lee denims said her Body Optix jeans were so comfortable, she could even perform yoga and meditate in them. You could literally live in these denims and Jackie makes it seem so effortless. These facts are definitely tempting us to get our hands on the Body Optix denims as soon as they launch.


For a day look, you want to keep your look minimal yet stylish. Pair your denims with casual T-shirt and layer it with denim jacket for a smart casual look. Keeping your look simple is the key to a great #OOTD.


For the perfect outfit for the night look when you want to ditch your LBD, pair a chic top with your comfortable jeans and put on a pair of heels to own the look. You could complete your look with a sling bag. The Body Optix denims launch in India in March so grab them before they're sold out. Like this article? Also read: Do It Better Than A Celeb: Tea Dresses Image courtesy: Instagram