I strongly believe fashion isn’t about what’s on the ramp but about what can be worn in day-to-day life. So even though I tend to follow trends, I also make comfort a priority.  No points for guessing that my favourite outfit is a simple T-shirt and well-fitted denims. But I’ve strayed from the path too. The obsessive online shopper that I am, I tend to update my wardrobe pretty often. So here are the items I’ve thrown out of my closet and never regretted, on trend or not!

Low-rise Denims

low rise denims Apart from the fact that midriff-bearing denims so are so out of style, they are also extremely uncomfortable and show off all the wrong areas.  I’ve developed the love handles on my waist (which I’m also working towards getting rid off) I’ve given up the low waist denims to embrace the more comfortable, sleek and chic high-waist ones that make sure all the flabs are tucked in well.


jumpsuit There was a time when jumpsuits were so trendy that everyone was sporting them in multiple prints, hues and styles but I gave up on the trend long before that phase. I realised it neverworked on my body type due to the little belly bulge I struggle with. Plus they are super uncomfortable for long hours and frequent visits to the ladies' room. This one was one of my best decisions.

Printed Tights

leggings I admit that these are super comfy and, if accessorized well, can also stand out as trendy. But I think we’ve overdone this a bit too much. Figure-hugging printed tights and leggings worn on everything from a kurta to tunics and T-shirts was becoming an eye-sore for me. So I ditched all my printed leggings (especially the animal print ones) for more chic looking neutral shades of jeggings which again max out on comfort.

Crop Jackets

crop jacket Crop jackets looked good on dresses and skirts but then there were different variants of the crop and that weren't very pleasing to the eye. So I made way for the more breezy kimonos and long jackets instead of the cropped ones which are now losing their footing in the fashion world.

Overly Distressed Jeans

distressed denims They are still pretty much the trend but overly distressed jeans can’t be worn everywhere. They can easily pass off as torn clothes and I truly believe not everyone can pull that one off. A model or actress sitting in a car, wearing them would look smart but regular people sporting them would only receive flak. So I never even tried this trend fearing my mom would sew up the torn parts and end up scolding me for wasting money. Like this article? Also read: The Only Spring Summer Must Haves Are Here