Yesterday, ISRO - the Indian Space Research Organisation - launched a record 104 satellites in one attempt. A space mission of this scale has never been attempted before, so we should be very proud of this massive achievement. But even amid the celebrations, there is a feeling that we need to avenge ourselves. Why, you ask? Remember this comic (see below) from the New York TimesPresident Trump’s favourite newspaper? Well, Indian cartoonists and meme creators definitely did. They’ve used it as a reference to give it back to NASA, and other international space agencies who’ve cast aspersions on ISRO’s extraterrestrial endeavours.

Some Thumbed Their Noses at the NYT in Similar Fashion

toi comic isro launch

While Others Were Just Hilarious

Several Chose to Pay Tribute to the Past

cycle to rocket isro launch

People Even Took the Opportunity to Address Gender Equality

There Were Even Some Hilarious Spin-offs

But Our Favourite Is This Touching Tribute


Cover Image Courtesy: NYT