The iPhone X was Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone, released last November, with features that stunned everyone. Till date, this phone remains much talked about, which explains why most of us have added it to our wish lists. Unfortunately, if you’ve been waiting for the price of the iPhone X to drop, as it is with every new wave of iPhone releases, you might be in for a disappointment. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, who is hailed as one of the best Apple analysts, predicted that Apple will be discontinuing its most expensive iPhone by mid-2018. The rumoured discontinuation will take place just before the release of the next generation of iPhones. Why so? It just isn’t a cost-effective decision to sell the old X for less than the new generation phones, as is tradition. A couple of months back Kuo made what is now considered the best prediction about the 2018 iPhone line-up. According to him, there will be two “premium” iPhone X-like models, a 5.8" model and a larger 6.5" design, priced roughly around the current X ($999) and a regular 6.1" iPhone priced closer to the current iPhone 8 Plus ($799). You see the problem there? If Apple drops the price of the iPhone X, it will be priced closer to the 6.1-inch model, affecting its sales. If they don’t slash the price, it will put them in an awkward position on pricing last year’s model higher than its new iPhone. And that’s why the iPhone X is more likely to be discontinued before the next release. However, this 10th anniversary phone will always be remembered as the one that changed everything we know about iPhones. It made way for a new generation of iPhones with some amazing features. Also Read: 5 Unique Features of the iPhone X that No Other iPhones Have apple iphone x It was the first iPhone to adopt the edge-to-edge display with a high-quality OLED screen. It also has a High Dynamic Range (HDR) display that captures better detail. The iPhone X also introduced us to it's Face ID security technology. The phone has a TrueDepth front-facing camera system that maps your face at setup and then uses it to unlock your phone, making it not just a hi-tech feature to experiment with, but also a foolproof security measure. Apart from that, the X brought the much-talked about portrait mode to the selfie camera, Animojis and an upgraded battery life. Despite all these factors, this phone may be discontinued before the year ends and the only way you can make sure you own this soon-to-be collectable is to buy it right now! Also Read: Ask Me How: To Layer Necklaces

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