No matter what the competition has to offer, the iPhone somehow shows up in a newer avatar and beats it down to pulp. Plainly because it sells in more numbers apart from offering things that you might not find in other smartphones. Hence when we were given the new iPhone 7 to play with, we were obviously excited.
Shall we dance?
From the very moment you ease the Jet Black iPhone 7 onto your palms, the process of instant gratification begins and it keeps going. This is a beautifully designed smartphone that pushes the boundaries of how cutting edge a device can be. The finish may look slippery but we found the Jet Black iPhone 7 to be the grippiest of them all. It’s amazing how Apple has finally managed to blend the antenna seamlessly onto the exterior of the phone. While the exterior looks mind-boggling amazing, it still is a sucker for fingerprints and prone to scratches. You may miss the headphone slot but trust us, it is only for the best. Because it now makes space for the Taptic Engine and generally makes the phone much more water resistant. Using the Lightning port for audio is the future because it can handle more resolution as compared to the 3.5 mm standard. The physical Home button is now gone too. Instead you will find a digital one that's helped by the Taptic engine to mimic the feel of being pressed, when you well, press it. iphone 7
Scorcher #7
Inspite of being way behind the Android smartphones when it comes to offering the latest specs on paper, the iPhone 7 manages to still be the smoothest smartphone when it comes to overall user experience. The new 64-bit A10 Fusion chip effortlessly manages everything from gaming to multimedia to opening multiple windows. iOS 10 perfectly compliments the hardware and what you get as the end result is an effortless smartphone experience, regardless of the apps you use. Also Read: iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus First Impression
Shoot me now
One of the best things I use the iPhone for is its camera. It is simply great. And the camera on the iPhone 7 shoots things even better. The camera still protrudes out of the body but it's covered with a Sapphire crystal cover, hence it won't get scratched unless you are adamant and use a diamond or something better to get the job done. The new 12MP camera with a f/1.8 aperture manages to click images that are sharper and detail rich even in low light. Day time shots on the other hand simply spellbinding with colours that are as natural as it can get. One of the things I love is the way this phone handles exposure so darn well. The new iPhone 7 ramps things up even in the video department with Optical Image Stabilisation finally making its way in. What you get, is smooth, cinematic videos that will make you lick the screen. If you need optical zoom, you will need to look at the elder brother - the iPhone 7 Plus.
iO yes yes yes
If there is one thing that deserves 10 on 10 stars on the iPhone 7, it would be iOS 10. It simply is spectacular in the way it makes life so much easier and gets things done in a much shorter time. You can now access widgets without unlocking your phone, listen to music while taking a picture, use the new improved iMessages app to send animations and other fun stuff and more. You can now even make better use of 3D touch to dive into the camera app in a flash or read messages directly from the notification tab.
Screen Star
While the display resolution on the new iPhone 7 is exactly the same as the one on the older iPhone 6, this one has a wider colour gamut, which means visuals literally pop. Be it gaming or watching movies in Full HD, it is a punchy, visual experience through and through. Reading things on the iPhone is a delight too, as the crispest of text is served up without a fuss. iphone 7
Sound decision
Things look even neater in the sonic department as the iPhone 7 sports stereo speakers. You will find one at the bottom of the phone to the right of the home button and another under the earpiece. Overall it is a much richer experience as you play games, listen to music or watch movies. Not just that, the new iPhone is much louder as compared to the older iPhone 6S. Also Read: These 10 Comebacks Are All You Need to Shut iPhone 7 Haters
256GB iPhone? Yes please!
Apple has finally ditched the 16GB and th 64GB versions of its smartphone with the 7. Instead now you get to choose between the 32, 128 and 256GB variants. This is great if you love shooting a ton of images or shoot videos in 4K or slow motion. Since we went the whole hog, we won’t be complaining about the lack of space for a very long time.  


To wrap things up the new iPhone 7 is understandably not a revolutionary product. Instead it is an incremental update that manages to nails things right in nearly all departments. The image quality offered by the cameras are still at the top and iOS 10 smashes completion to bits. Things are now more accessible, quicker and in a neater way. The introduction of the 256GB version only means that now you have more headroom for your pictures, videos and other content. While the battery life hasn't increased to a large extent, it still manages to hold up for an entire day under moderate to heavy usage. If you need the best smartphone experience, you need to get your hands on the new iPhone 7. You can pick one up from various outlets starting from Rs 58,245 for the 32GB version. However if you ask us, we would recommend the 256GB variant simply because it will render you future proof. Cover Image via; Images via,

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