We managed to get our hands on the new iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus! Here is our first impression.

We will ditch shiny for matte!

While it was the iPhone 7 that caught our attention first, if you plan to buy it in the blacker-than-the-demon-soul black finish, you may end up disappointed. It looks absolutely jaw dropping stunning mind you, therein lies the problem. It is a fingerprint magnet and prone to scratches. We would suggest the matte black option instead. The phone is amazing to hold and use, thanks to the level of build quality through and through, typical Apple. Even with the glossy black finish, it is not slippery. Which is a good thing if your eyes are stuck on that finish. Also Read: The Definitive iPhone 7 Preview iphone 7 pic 1


The first immediate change you will feel, literally is the home button; which now makes use of force touch via the taptic engine. It feels a bit weird for the first few clicks but blends right in and we did not miss the older clickable home button. This is a step Apple took to make the phone proper water resistant and that brings us to the lack of the headphone slot. Yes with the new iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus, Apple has bid adieu to the most lovable port, we used, to listen to music. However having said that, it's probably for the best. iphone 7 pic 2

Why am I seeing double?

The new iPhone 7 gets a 12MP rear snapper along with a 7MP front camera. The news that made us smile was the inclusion of optical image stabilisation and after using the camera we can tell, it just works flawlessly, this is the best OiS on any smartphone at the moment. Same story for the iPhone 7 Plus, only that it gets even better thanks to the inclusion of an extra lens on the rear. We tried both optical and digital zoom, (we hate digital zoom, yet wanted to see how this phone handled it). While in the optical realm, images are crisp, packed with tons of detail and there really isn't anything to complain about here. Don’t use digital zoom, it’s as simple as that. Both the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus sport 12MP cameras that now offer f1.8 aperture spec, but the second 12MP lens on the iPhone 7 Plus is a telephoto one offering f/2.8 aperture. So when you shoot a picture, the phone combines the best bits of images shot from both the lens (hence dual lens,err) and then offers one heck of a spectacular shot. It actually works wonderfully well. A software update will also enable moody bokeh soon enough. Also Read: Is The 3.5mm Audio Jack on its Way Out? iphone 7 pic 3

Gimme Fusion!

You could wonder, how does the new iPhone manage to crunch all those numbers, combining images from the dual lens, while you have 20 apps open, including two games, which the iPhone 7 blazes through, without a fuss. The answer is the new A10 fusion chipset, which is jaw-dropping quick. It features 4 cores, two really powerful, universe-annihilating types and two a little bit like your mom, calm, focused and ready to help at a moment’s notice. The low power cores kick in when you work on boring things such as working on a document or a spreadsheet and so on and thus do not let the tougher cores lose steam. This saves a ton of battery and is generally good for us all. So there you have it, you can preorder the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus right now. Check 'em out on TataCLiQ! Cover Image via ytimg.com

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