Apple launched its flagship iPhone 11 series last year with some of the best hardware and software capabilities in the entire industry. Setting benchmarks for other smartphones, the iPhone 11 has since become one of the most popular flagship smartphones to choose as your next phone. However, many iPhone 11 users might not be fully aware of all its capabilities. To be honest, there are a lot of features that it comes with, so we don’t blame you. In fact, we’re going to help you find out more about the must-know features of the iPhone 11.

Capture Outside The Frame

One of the most interesting features that the Apple iPhone 11 comes with is the ability to add more of an image to an image even after it has been shot. The iPhone does this by saving additional image space when you take a shot. Auto Apply takes this further by detecting when someone’s face has been cropped off and adding it to the picture.

Night Mode

Low-light photography has always been a strength of the iPhone but the iPhone 11 takes that to a whole new level with an all new Night mode. It uses the new camera chip to make the most of even the poorest lighting conditions to give you the best shot.

Ultra Wideband Tech

Not one of the more popular features, the Ultra Wideband Tech on the phone can help in extremely accurate geolocation for small environments like your own home. This helps with precise Airdrop use, and will mostly also feature in other location services Apple is yet to offer.

Audio Zoom

To help you record better conversations even in a crowded environment, the iPhone 11 comes with a feature known as ‘Audio Zoom’. This helps you ‘focus’ the microphone on a subject when you zoom in onto them from the camera, blurring background noise.


Another underrated feature on the iPhone 11, WiFi-6 is expected to greatly improve connectivity in crowded areas, offer higher speeds and better performance, especially if you’re connected to a compatible router.

Steadiness detection

The iPhone 11 is built to know when you’ve mounted it on a steady tripod versus holding it in your own hands. This leads it to give you longer exposure options for clearer images automatically, which can be helpful in low light conditions.

Image Courtesy: Apple