While it still doesn’t look like the new Apple iPad Pro 9.7 will be replacing your laptop anytime soon, it still is one heck of an awesome device. For obvious reasons, the screen is probably the first thing that you will notice and the Retina resolution screen on this one is 25% brighter than the iPad Air 2 and Apple claims that it even offers 25% greater colour saturation while being 40% less reflective overall. What’s new with the screen on the iPad Pro 9.7 is the inclusion of ‘True Tone' display technology. It makes use of two four-channel ambient light sensors to gauge the colour of the light, depending on where you are and automatically adjusts the warmth level to match it. It works well for most situations, while some may not prefer it during movie sessions. So if you are one of those, simply turn it off. The True Tone setting that is! What should have you have a blast during the movie sessions is the inclusion of 4 high definition speakers on the corners. We have tried it and the end result is superbly involving. Also making debut is the Night Shift feature, which magically dials down the intensity of blue light in the display as the sun goes down, sweet. Now that we are done and dusted with the newness factor, let’s get down to business. What about practical performance? iPad Pro 97 Well, when it comes to that, this tablet truly shines. One of the main reasons for that is the fact that it is injected with the same number crunching power of the 12.9in iPad Pro and the A9X chip with its M9 co-processor blasts through graphics-intensive games, photo / video editing, multiple open apps and more. This time around you won’t even have to worry about running out of space, well pretty much, as the iPad Pro 9.7 in as you can pick up one with up to 256 gigs of storage space. A piece of advice, picking up one of these with anything lower than 128GB would be absolutely foolish. What about the selfies you ask? Well, the 9.7in iPad Pro comes packed with a 12MP rear snapper which is pretty much the same one that you can find on the iPhone 6S. Wider aperture of f/2.2, Live photos, True Tone flash, get the picture? The camera on the front is a 5MP spec and your selfies should look glorious thanks to the optics. What will also be a much better experience now is FaceTime, no? You can even record 4K video at 30fps and stun your friends with thy talent.  The new Apple iPad Pro 9.7 is a great tool for artists and entertainment enthusiasts alike. It packs in a ton of punch in that slim package and we sure are completely smitten. Cover Image via techradar.futurecdn.net; Image via arstechnica.net

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